WorthPlaying Give Assassin's Creed: 7.5

When Ubisoft announced that the team behind Sands of Time was working on a title that combined the high-flying acrobatics of Prince of Persia with the free-roaming action of Grand Theft Auto (another of the franchises that outdid itself with the transfer to three dimensions), well, it's not difficult to see why gamers were so excited.

It sounded like a match made in heaven, and by all rights, it should have been. Assassin's Creed doesn't quite turn out to be what gamers were expecting.

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predator4929d ago

Just found this, another weird score.

turbogeek4929d ago

good! good! a hyped up flop, no doubt.

dachiefsman4929d ago

the thing that sucks for me is that I really wanted to buy this game, but from most reviews that I have read the game has virtually no replay value so I don't see how it can be worth 60 bucks. The weird thing is I thought I read a PREVIEW that said there was over 40 hours of gameplay including side missions.

Oh well....I guess I can rent it....

Baron794929d ago

You are right. If this game is really a 7.0-8.0, $5 to rent sounds much better then $65 to own and regret later. I am also really disappointed , I had this game pre-bought for a while and was really looking forward to it. But a 7 from most review sites just doesn't warrant a buy IMO.

Danja4929d ago

Im sorry but I can't agree with these scores I spent all day playing this game and it's amazing...

The story is well told and the graphics is amazing in every way I didn't experience ne frame rate probs with my PS3

The probs I have the game is the A.I they basically jst wait there turn then after you kill one gaurd another attcks..and I aquired Counter Kill which makes the game even more easy...

another prob is when you go in Blend mode it's as if ur invisible to the gaurds after you kill someone infront of there eyes..and some repetitve mission but..those are just minor stuff for a game of this Calibur

everyone should buy this game and judge it for themselevs and don't put some random guy opinion above there of the best games I've played all year..!!

BloodySinner4929d ago

Screw the reviews. I'm picking up this game and Call of Duty 4 tomorrow.

dachiefsman4929d ago

if you like FPS you will not go wrong with COD4.....seriously

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