First ATi HD 3870 Benchmarks

Loses to Nvidia 8800GT. Its only selling point is the DX10.1 support and lower price than the 8800GT. Gets beat in almost every game bench. Jump ahead to read the full review.

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Antan4933d ago

AMD have taken a beating in the cpu stakes for a few years, now gfx cards are going down the same road. Sad. I remember when i got my 9700pro and it literally blew ANYTHING Nvidia away! What with Crysis hitting this week, Nvidia can look forward to a bloody good christmas!

Cacolaco4932d ago

A site I look at all the time looked at the new ATI cards differently.

Check out:

Charlie26884933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

Looks like its yet another ATI paper launch card that fails in real life testing >.>

I guess ATI wanted to pull a 8800GT but this new HD3870 falls horribly compared to the 8800GT and even in some test is beaten by the 8800GTS that on paper is suppose to be incredibly inferior to this HD3870

Blackmoon4933d ago

Last generation was sort of close but this generation isn't even a contest it's more like complete rape fest. It seems most anything AMD does nVidia rather effortlessly beats it to the floor.

xsteinbachx4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

my apologies just did some research, and retracted my comment.

Blackmoon4933d ago

AMD bought ATI ages ago smart one.

Leathersoup4933d ago

When the last headline came out saying this card was going to be an 8800 killer, I was thinking that it was a bit premature. I wish all the best for AMD/ATI. I'm just having flashbacks to the whole 3dfx tragedy.

bym051d4933d ago


After owning a 9800pro and an x800XT, it looks like my next card will be nVidia (not like I'm an ATi fanboy, my previous cards were a Geforce 3 and 256DDR).

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