340° Launches User Driven PS3 Themes Section

If you are looking for one place to get all your PS3 themes, now has launched a user driven PS3 Theme secton. Right now there are close to 60 themes, but PSU has allowed users to upload there very own, making it easy to find all the latest PS3 themes.

Also, instead of having to work around .zip files, all files are .p3t and can be directly downloaded to the PS3 when visiting the site via PS3 internet browser.


Upload your themes here:

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wil4hire4922d ago

I love user generated content. Some of those look neat.

riqued4922d ago

So far no game related theme that I want.
They just grab a bunch of images from the game and use as icons, I am waiting for an designer to make a theme that has the fell of the game.
The game ones are really lame...

NoUseMerc4922d ago

Upload any new themes or ones you create here:

PS3 Limps on and on4922d ago

Can you just go to thise website while online with PS3? And you can download the theme? That would make it easy.

If it's harder than that, not sure I can do it.

NoUseMerc4922d ago

yep...thats why its so nice. Just go to the site on your PS3, dl the theme you want...and then choose it in your themes option on your PS3.

Korosuke4922d ago

1. save to a SDCard or a USB Device
2. make a file in the Device or Card called "PS3"
3. make a file in the PS3 folder called "THEME" (ALL CAPS REQUIRED)
4. put the .pt3 file into the THEME folder
5. put into your ps3
6. go to themes
7. click install
8. Click the memory card or USB device
9. Install

Skerj4922d ago

I'm thinking of doing themes now, but from scratch instead of say oh the Tekken one.

DJ4922d ago

Trying to launch my Playstation themes site by the end of this week.

Arkham4921d ago

Hey, hopefully I can get g running within a couple weeks too. Maybe we should collaborate? Already have the domains. :)

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