New Lair Screenshots

Here's some new Lair Screenshots, Wtf happened?

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xrobbanx5867d ago

Doesnt look so good anymore why is it those PS3 games looks less and less impressive exept resistance ?

Bhai5867d ago

General, you made my day man...AWESOME !!! I never knew that there will be such a classic level of on-ground campaign as well, now that's talking 3D, entirely in the sky and on the field, superb ! and that water view is killer in its wake as well. Thanks for posting these here.

By the way, why did you say 'WTF happened' ?!

RuffRyder5867d ago

Just compare the supposadly ingame shots from the last E3 to these current screen then you'll know why general had to say "WTF happened"

andy capps5866d ago

He's saying that because several days ago he was a kool-aid drinking PS3 fan, now he's jumped on the kool-aid drinking anti-PS3 train. Just look at all his posts in the last few days and you will see the change, and also realize that you should bypass his comments whenever you see his name. :)

These screens look great, what the heck are you people thinking? You were probably saying that those leaked pictures of Forza 2 the other day (which were later officially released) were amazing compared the CGI that was shown previously. They looked like complete and utter crap. But Forza 2 as well as this game will continue to improve up until their release date and will look incredible. Bet on it.

RuffRyder5867d ago

WTF happend here lol, wasn't the images from E306 all INGAME acording to all the sony fanboys lol, because these screens looks like a completly different game to me! It looks like crap.

Marriot VP5866d ago

nope, cgi pics from the fake trailer

Eternal E 8085867d ago (Edited 5867d ago )

what a joke sony is coming out to be, first the delay now these pittiful screens looks nothing like its old CG screens.

Eternal E 8085867d ago

tells me that sony has alot of "CRAP" to show at TGS.literally i mean theres going to be alot more disappoint in the air at TGS ill put money on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.