PS3 Assassin's Creed Review (5/5): Tighter Controls, Life-like A.I. according to GamePro

GamePro reviews the PS3 version of Assassin's Creed and also talks about differences of PS3 and 360 versions:

"From walking around on the street to free running on the roof tops, the controls make it easy to manipulate Altair during his quests and that's a good thing as the game would have suffered dramatically had the developers not gotten such a firm handle on the controls. And in fact, the controls for the PS3 version of the game are even tighter than those of the XBox 360.

Graphically, the PS3 version of the game suffers just a tiny bit, but both this difference--and the aforementioned difference in controls--are practically negligible."

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4931d ago

Whom am I to belive?

Whatever already dispatched my copy I can't cancel my "pre-order". At least its a limited edition. Hope I like it..i am fearing I should had ordered R&C....or even NFS:Pro...

Meus Renaissance4931d ago

I would recommend R&C, it's a must buy. I'm addicted to it, I rarely play COD4 lol

MK_Red4931d ago

Don't worry, it's worth it although you have to get Ratchet as well. That's also a fantastic game. Both are A+ IMO.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4931d ago

Well money already been taken out I want to save for Uncharted instead of buying R&C :/

sonarus4931d ago

i have assasins creed already assasinated 3 of d 9 dudes. gotta say am already gettin bored. Climbing buildings are cool but i think in general the controls are a little over simplified. In my opinion R&C is the better game. I am not a fan of the series never played any of the previous ratchets but it is such a breath of fresh air frm the games am used to playing. I was honestly shocked didnt think i would love it as much as i did

CRIMS0N_W0LF4931d ago

I want bubbles like you 2 ; ;

MK_Red4931d ago

Then bubbles for you but you got to promise to buy both AC and R&C... j/k
Trust your judgement and buy what you want not what others say. +Bubbles

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MK_Red4931d ago

It's funny how one reviewer says AI is the problem, the other says it's great, another says it's game's biggest problem and now this one says AI is lifelike...

ThaGeNeCySt4931d ago

the only thing I find odd with the AI is that during some assassinations, guards will see it but still ask "which one of you did this?"

but other than that, they don't just stand around as much as reviewers say, there are times where i try to attack one guard and another guard swings at me.. etc

MK_Red4931d ago

I'm with you. Aside from that odd problem with some guards, the AI is amazing and people behave really well IMO. I think the game's open and complex AI has created completely different experiences for different reviewers that has resulted in these strange and different scores.

tplarkin74931d ago

Gametrailers video review showed the guards as dumb as bricks. You kill one guard under stealth, the other guard investigates the dead body as you are standing in his face. You then kill the other guard.

But Gametrailers gave it a 9.1 regardless.

I think that the game is a mixed bag of greatness and mediocrity. Some people are willing to forgive the mediocre parts.

InMyOpinion4930d ago

From what I saw on Gametrailers review the AI is far from lifelike. Press the "blend in" button and the AI goes out the window...

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socomnick4931d ago

Its from gamepro I wouldn't trust them.

Hapimeses4931d ago


Okay, I'm officially confused. PS3 graphics are both better and worse than the Xbox. Xbox controlling is both better and worse than the PS3. The game is both sublime and boring. The game deserves a 6 and a 10. The AI is lifelike and unrealistic.

What to believe?

Well, whatever it is, I'll know soon enough, as I'm getting it.

MK_Red4931d ago

Good one but more than anything, Assassin's Creed is proof that no one should base his/her decision on reviews because their just opinions and in case of AC, they are really mixed and different. From 6 to 10.
Some may love and some may hate. I'm among the first group who absolutly love it.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4931d ago

X360 sites and reviews give X360 controls low rating.

Panthers4931d ago

I think that people are searching for differences in the game so they sort of create their own differences without knowing. Just like when you think you might be sic, you can actually make yourself feel sick.

The 2 are probably to close to tell.

macalatus4931d ago


Nice way of putting so-called "gaming reviews" into the real gaming picture. Bubbles for you!!

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PS3 Limps on and on4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

5/5 Gamepro
9/10 gamespot
9.5 Game Informer?


Bullsh*t, the bad reviews easily outway the odd 9.5. Those people who give a 9.5 fail, they probably slept with Jade Raymond. Jade Raymond had to assure atleast a handful of AAA reviews from some big sites.

Some reviews are completely contridicting with other reviews. Very weird indeed. The game review system should be ashamed, they're just failing right now.

MK_Red4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

"Those people who give a 9.5 fail, they probably slept with Jade Raymond."
That is the ugliest comment I've ever heard. Worse than any fanboy rant. I feel sad for the FF character in your avatar.

EDIT: Serious or joke, what you said is plain wrong and ugly...

UPDATE: I'm sorry for what I said earlier but the that sentence above is beyond offensive IMO.

Tsalagi4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

I give it 11 out of 10!!!! Now where's Jade at? 8D

gw4k4930d ago

You haven't even played this game and yet you are give it reviews and telling the reviewers that they do not know what they are talking about.

Get bent!

I have the game and I love it.