Microsoft takes tough line on Xbox 360 repairs in Taiwan

Microsoft has been vigorously inspecting Xbox 360 consoles sent in for repairs in Taiwan, which has resulted in the turnaround time of as long as one month, according to retail channels.

The sources said that Microsoft wanted to inspect if game consoles have been illegally modified to use pirated games and to screen which consoles really need repair. The sources pointed out that consumers are becoming increasingly discontent with Microsoft's after-sales repairs.

(Reported by Yen Ting Chen and Adam Hwang from Taipei, Taiwan, for DigiTimes on 14 November 2007)

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ruibing4933d ago

Wait, so the reason why some people's 360 takes so much longer to be returned is because they were randomly chosen for inspection? This doesn't seem quite fair given the fact that MS was expecting this problem in the first place. Why would anyone even sent in a modded 360, its warranty is obviously voided.

Nemesis4933d ago

"Why would anyone even sent in a modded 360, its warranty is obviously voided."

That's what I though until my cousins modded 360 died a few months back. He took a chance and sent it in for repair, not telling MS it was modded of course. Amazingly they replaced it, no questions asked. Pretty sad how genuine users are having to wait longer for service because of thieving ****s like him abusing the system.

Apparently, he's also had his modded 360 connected to XBox Live for the past 6 months without getting banned. So much for Microsoft's hardline anti-piracy policy.

DaEnforcer4933d ago

No no buddy, they have such a policy and follow it as hard they can, the problem is that they just suck and everything they try gets hacked in a second.

Gordii4932d ago

They need to get their systems fixed as fast or as soon as possible before the xbox fan base gets tired of it and goes onto another system