Cyanide confirms Blood Bowl for Xbox 360, PSP, DS

Having opened a new studio in Montreal earlier this year and released the Diablo-clone Loki, French developer Cyanide has a lot of irons in the fire. The studio also announced today that it has waded waist-deep into the murky waters of middleware development, creating its own "dynamic 3D animation engine," which Cyanide interestingly describes as a tool that "integrates physical and biomechanical laws under the control of a powerful artificial intelligence system."

Cyanide will utilize the technology in its own projects, the first of which will be a title based on Games Workshop's fantasy tabletop game Blood Bowl. First announced briefly last year, the real news here is that the game, which is an unofficial follow up to the unlicensed PC title Chaos League, has been confirmed as in development for the Xbox 360, PSP, and Nintendo DS, as well as the PC.

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MK_Red4925d ago

I remember Chaos League. It was nice but had so many flaws and problems. Hope this one delievers.

At first I thought it's a really bloody game or something. God, I wish Monolith could make a sequel to Blood.

Cat4925d ago

yeah, it's too bad so much of this seems ill-fated.

Hapimeses4924d ago

Chaos League, which was originally going to be Blood Bowl until Games Workshop said no to the unsolicited use of their IP, was not a great game. I wanted to love it, as I really like Blood Bowl, but it was pretty poor.

Let's hope this game is a /lot/ better. I feel it could fit the PSP very well, and I could play it on the way to Games Day, which would be pretty cool.