PlayStation Plus September Offers: 10 Free Games including Plants vs. Zombies

Before we get to what’s coming to PlayStation Plus, we wanted to let you know that starting today, we’re making a slight change to how we communicate PlayStation Plus updates. Instead of posting twice per month on what’s coming to Plus, we’re going to be making one post that gives an overview of all the content that’s hitting Plus in that particular month. So today’s post will cover content coming in September, and the next post will hit in the first Monday of October. Of course, with every week’s Store Update post, you’ll know what’s going on the Store for Plus on that week.

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ksense3695d ago

Awesome update!!! Things are starting to heat up on ps plus and it can only get better from here i should say

Serjikal_Strike3695d ago

hell yeah
50% off RE4 and other awesome discounts...
not sure when my ps+ ends..I've had it since it started and it still hasn't

DrFUD3695d ago

50% off RE4 is mighty nice.

Kurisu3695d ago

Serjikal, PS Plus doesn't end unless you specifically asked for it to. I believe it just renews itself automatically. I'm not a PS Plus member but I'm sure I read that in the small print on the store, you should really go and check!

ksense3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

well they did their anniversary in july so add 3 months and another for the outage so I would say november maybe october. anyways you can go into account management>transaction management and services and then click on ps plus and it will show u the expiration date and you can also cancel from there if you wish.

Serjikal_Strike3695d ago

it'll only renew itself if your account has the funds in it...
and I use psn cards to buy stuff and right now theres nothing in there..

room4143695d ago

the $3.33 ps+ costs me per month is money well spent

guitarded773695d ago

This is a huge month for PS+... lots of good stuff there, and for once I don't already have any of the free games.

Redempteur3695d ago

i wasn't gonna get RE4 hd ..but at 50% off's kinda NICE... very hard to resist

SilentNegotiator3695d ago

RE1-3, Plants v Zombies, "4 Resident Evil" 50% off, full game trial of Saints Row 2, 50% off the Force Unleashed DLC.....

Not a bad month. Not bad at all.

L6RD7BLU33695d ago

Nice glade I signed up for plus a couple days ago. does anyone know how much the original price point for re4 is going to be.

Serjikal_Strike3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

^^$20 original price= $10 for ps+

I hope so...cuz right now I rather dump the money on new games instead of resubscribing to plus...

TooTall193695d ago

If you got a year subscription when it first came out, you have till December before you need to resubscribe!

guitarded773695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

If you were a day one subscriber you got 15 (12 months + 3 bonus months) months + 2 months from the time of the PSN outage... so 17 months total I think. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is correct.

TooTall193695d ago

@Guitarded That is correct, and 17 months later would come out to the end of December lol. $50 well spent if you ask me

guitarded773695d ago

My bad... I read your comment as a question... Damn you and your punctuation.

skyttskytt3695d ago

For you guys wondering about the PS+ subscription, if you signed up day 1, it should go until Dec 7 (for NA users anyway, I think EU got more extension from the downtime).

You can check the exact date by going to Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List > PlayStation Plus, then click on either of the results.

3694d ago
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MsclMexican3695d ago

I think of playstation plus like costco..

Sure you pay to get in, but you got to love the freebies and discounts

subtenko3694d ago

OMG!!! Resident Evil 2 and 3 for FREE!! This month is OFFICIALLY zombie month! Im getting Dead Island today, and I get these other zombies games coming too, and technically plants vs zombies. LOL This is so awesome. Another best $50 I've ever spent.

Hey guys, if your low of money, get PS+ because you get a ton of stuff for your $50! Just trying to help out other fellows gamers. Im sorta choosey myself. Too many awesome games coming out = $$$ haha

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iamnsuperman3695d ago

I hope this isn't just an American thing.

dead_eye3695d ago

me too. but then if i get plants vs zombies again it'll be the 3rd version i've completed

Undeadwolfy3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

I believe certain things will be US thing cos the list is slightly altered when it comes to the UK. As you can see it says that the US get QORE, something we don't get here in the UK. Never played any Resident Evil games before... hmmm

GodKing13373695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )


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