Epic: Work On 360 Unreal Won't Start Until 2008

Holding out for the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament III? Don't hold your breath. Epic vice president Mark Rein says that they haven't even started work on it yet -- that'll happen "early next year."

The reason the 360 version is lagging, says Rein, is "the mods"

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Tommie4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

A recent preview of I think Gameplayer or something said they played the Xbox 360 version of UTIII and it ran beautifully?

BrotherSic4927d ago

read the same preview, it said the 360 version was coming along nicely

Omegasyde4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

Some other site also stated they they played the 360 build already.

I think it's bullsh*t and that they have been slowly working on the 360 alongside the ps3 version. When you think about it, Even Sony said it would be easier to post a ps3 to a 360 than visa versa. Q2 for 360 users despite it being probaly done in Febuary or March.

Then again, What about Gears of War 2? The typical 360 owner will be excited with GeOW2 than Unreal Tournament 3 because of familiarity.

marinelife94927d ago

Why would you believe what a site said over the developers themselves?

Also would 360 owners really want a delayed port of a game? Yes or No?

jiggyjay4927d ago

Gives them more time to get Gears 2 out next fall!

sonarus4927d ago

360 version was already far ahead of the ps3 version however i believe epic struck a deal with sony to improve unreal engine 3 and in the process gave them a bit of unreal tournament 3 exclusitivity. The 360 version still exists its not like they will be starting from scratch or porting the ps3 version over they will just continue from where they stopped as soon as sony gives the ok

The_Engineer4927d ago

to what extent MS is poisoning the industry with payoffs to "gaming journalists".

radzy4927d ago

obviously ps3 attach rate of games is very low, and just to look at the recent sales figures of the past ps3 games , mark rein got a bit worried . he is trying to give appeal to the ps3 version and deter the 360 owners from waiting for the 360 version because its all about sales.just look at the sales of cod4 xbox 360 sold over 1,000,000 and the ps3 sold not even 400,000. and cod4 is the best game and highest rated game on the ps3 . 360 owners are prepared to wait a month or two for their version of the game. but mark wants them to buy the ps3 version and then later promote the 360 version . but for now only ps3, ps3 ,ps3. later add a couple of features and promote 360 , 360, 360.
360 version already mentioned coming on nicely and not to far from ps3 version. so mark rein with cod4 and halo3 now , i think we can wait for ut3. good try though

lawman11084927d ago Show
fusionboxer4927d ago

Wired has much more credibility then either of the sites that said they "played" the 360 version. Also it's possible they simply played an early build. Mark Rein is the damn president of the company and he's yet to totally lie to his consumer install base (why would he?).

So like another commenter said, why believe some website over the actual developer?

Kleptic4927d ago

that 360 preview you guys are talking about was questionable at best...there were several paragraphs that were identical to the PS3 hands on with simply 360 replacing PS3..."we walked into the room and there were leather sofas and giant tvs, and an array of ____ hooked up to them"...?...w/e...

imo I think Epic is going to drop UT3 for the 360 to focus on GeOW 2...thats what 360 owners would probably want anyway...the way XBL looks in UGC sharing compared to the PSN is an absolute joke...and if MS doesn't change that for UT3 (which is what Epic was pushing for), the 360 version will never come close in comparison...Rein has said several times if the mod support doesn't reach an acceptable won't happen on the 360...and I would hardly call releasing 2 or 3 official map packs for 800 points on XBL an "acceptable level"...

Foliage4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

The important quote in the wired article was: "early next year." (their quotation marks, not mine) If you guys bothered to read their source you would find the following:


No. We won’t even start working on it until early next year."

I think it was pretty clear.

ravinash4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

The 360 version of the games its self is probably near done or there are working builds which are probably what the reviewers have been playing.
But the Mods with is the main thing that make this game stand out from the rest and really get the user taking part in the creation process can't be done on Xbox live because MS feel that users shouldn't be able to add content to it.
You gotta love MS for always thinking they know best for you.

(EDIT) - That is unless they decided to hold off developing the 360 version until the legal stuff for the mods is sorted ya never know.

JsonHenry4926d ago

After playing the PC demo of this game... WHO CARES?! The game is boring to me. I know that is just my opinion. But other than a few new vehicles, this is the same game since UT2006.

WilliamRLBaker4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

2 sites and one mag *oxm* have all ready said they've played the 360 playable version.

And mods? when mark rein himself said mods will not appear on 360 is that whats holding the 360 version back? oh I know its not PURE money that sony paid for exclusivity is whats holding it back and we all know it.

And The_I wish I were an engineer: you must not know a thing about the gaming industry at all, dirty tactics have been used since the early nintendo days, Microsoft isn't posioning this industry it was all ready purple in the face with posion before they ever got into it.

P.S: The OXM artcile in july of this years issue mark rein is interviewd and quoted throughout while they played the 360 version of the game, So saying OXM lied means you say Mark rein lied because he was there and he talked about the 360 version of the playable game.

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Whoooop4927d ago

This should put a sock in some xbots mouths.... (if true)

Talking about EPIC working on the 360 version a long time ago.

xbots are priceless...

Twizlex4927d ago

It's deceptively worded. He's talking about how they haven't begun working on the whole "mods" thing for 360 because they are still trying to work out with Microsoft how it could be done. The game, sans the mods part, is just as far along as the PS3 version, or it was a month ago. He's saying they have stopped work on the 360 and won't start up again until 2008 when the PS3 version is done.

Mark Rein also said "We are going to release UT3 on Xbox 360 in 2008." So if you believe they haven't started working on it yet, then you must also believe they can miraculously code, test, and package the whole thing in less than a year - and that makes you an idiot.

Oh, how people love to spin...

jmoneezie4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

Epic is trying to hold true to their agreement that the PS3 version will be out first. What will be funny is if they over cook this and by the time the 360 version ships, the 360 fans are over it. And it wind up selling like "Totemball" for XBLA.

That would be priceless watching EPIC sit there with dried up egg on their

Edit: Besides, I have plenty of games to keep me busy, hell even if it took to 2009 for UT3 (360) to come out. I really don't care when they release it.

Twizlex4927d ago

Yeah, I feel the same way, jmoneezie. I don't care when or how long it takes for this game to come out because I'm not really interested in it anyways. It's great that for Sony fans that they actually get something to play, but the 360 has enough shooters already. UT3 is nothing special.

beavis4play4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

what sad,bitter,jealous fanboys you are. i have plenty to play on ps3 as well, but have the option of playing UT3 in near future if i want. it's probably a positive for 360 that it's pushed back. there certainly isn't much buzz about games for the system in '08.

Kleptic4927d ago

haha basically the crowned masterpiece of a genre defining franchise is "nothing special"'re right...don't bother with this...its not special at all...its not the first console game to ever fully support and embrace a PC based mod community either...its just another run of the mill shooter, and the 360 already has several that are better...

...if you don't want it because its not your type of game, so be it...but don't right it off just because its not coming to your system for a significant amount of time...

Twizlex4926d ago

You don't seem to be comprehending what I'm saying. I'm only writing the game off because I don't care about it. I said "good for you" if you guys are interested in it and get to play it first. Congratulations. Personally, even if it was a 360 exclusive, I wouldn't be all "fanboyz be jus' jealous" and try and shove it in your face like you people seem to think it's necessary to do. I just plain don't care about the game. Why does that somehow make me an upset fanboy? I don't care about Halo 3 either. There - your whole argument has gone to shít.

And I don't see why you would think UT3 is "the crowned masterpiece of a genre defining franchise". As far as I know, you (and everyone else on this site) never played the game. Save the "crowned masterpiece" for a time when that might be a little more credible. And "genre-defining franchise"? Uh, in what way? Many FPS's existed before any Unreal games, and the Unreal franchise is outsold and outscored by a good number of shooter franchises.

Top selling FPS games:

Halo 2

Top selling FPS franchises:

Medal of Honor
James Bond games

Thanks, bye.

jmoneezie4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

"haha basically the crowned masterpiece of a genre defining franchise"

Are you kidding me, I believe that if you are going to talk "crowned masterpiece of the genre", you may want to go back a little further in time to the doom, duke nukem days; and even wolfinstein. These are the titles the defined the genre.

I really don't have a huge desire for UT3 as I did Halo, Orange box, and bioshock. But, trust me, I'm not sore about it not being on the 360 until 08. If I wanted the game that bad I'd just get it for my PS3. Currently, I'm more interested in uncharted for the PS3.

"haha basically the crowned masterpiece of a genre defining franchise" WHATEVER! To each his own I guess.

The Wood4926d ago

your right in the fact that you dont have to care about UT aor any game for that matter so to be fair that alone shouldn't be enough to label you a fboi but coming from a pc background UT is the best fps of its kind. the fastest and most frantic with tons of mods. ut (pre 2004 version) still had more than 3000 people on the servers last time i checked. My problem is that you equated sales to success on this occasion. Imagine me comparing spiderman 3 or pirates of the carrib 3 to city of god or casino. Many pc gamers would have played ut. if you were following some of the other threads on Ut you'd see that there are many on this site who have played it. Its like I hate games like WoW but I respect what it has done for the industry and peoples opinion on it.

Twizlex4926d ago

I was looking for a site that listed the average scores of the different franchises but I didn't find it (and I probably didn't look hard enough). I went with sales because it does say SOMETHING about the games. As far as the 3,000 or so people still on the Unreal servers, again that's not comparable to the number of people still playing the Battlefield games and Counter-Strike.

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Meus Renaissance4927d ago

Summer 2008 release then. This on the 360. KillZone 2 on the PS3. Chooose.

jcgamer4927d ago

sup Meus, I'll take BOTH good sir...

aba4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

Ill take Gears of War 2.

jcgamer4927d ago

I'll take that too...two copies at midnight launch, indeed...

Shadow Flare4927d ago

Oh well xbots. Wait Beyond

Whoooop4927d ago

Yep.. I guess 360 fans will have to join our WAIT BEYOND and This is Waiting campaigns...

razer4927d ago

really comparing the PS3 delays to ONE delay that is on the 360. Come on, I know misery loves company but this is ridiculous.. You both suffer from Last Place Syndrom.

Whoooop4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

It's ok to wait for some games razer... Come sit with us

Shadow Flare4927d ago

.......uh....hmm. (cough)'re quite the uh...comedian.
My sides are literally hurting i was, uh....crying so much at the POORNESS OF YOUR HUMOUR

Maybe according to you we suffer from 'Last Place Syndrom', whatever the hell that is, but i believe you suffer from Incredibly Crap Humour, Needs To Be Shot It's So Bad syndrome

Razer, there's a button below my avatar called 'ignore'. Please press it. I really don't want a babboon like you replying to my comments

PS360PCROCKS4927d ago

Lmao you two idiots are really parading around this message board. Over what? Unreal Tournament 3? oOo lemme go cry in a corner for that game. Not only will I buy it on my PS3 whenever it's out, but who cares if it comes later to the 360? You think the GOTY candidate's COD4, Bioshock, Mass Effect and Halo 3 is not enough shooters to tide us over? Get a life, every xbox owner would rather Have Gears 2 than UT3.

unlimited4927d ago

half of all 360 install base is waiting beyond since their system is getting fix every few weeks and,.

CyberSentinel4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

1 less fps on the Xbox 360! OMG how ever will I get my FPS fix?

/sarcasm off

Anyway, the only reason Epic "delayed" the 360 version of UT3 was so that the PS3 version would sell!

The truth is, UT3 for Xbox wasn't delayed, it was "removed" from Halo 3's Onslaught.

@4.8: "count on games that are not even out to sell systems.."
Word bro. Bubble for you.

lawman11084927d ago

DELAY3DB3YOND,WAITB3YOND, PLAYB3HIND count on games that are not even out to sell systems ect.

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okcomputer4927d ago

Not really.. the most important version is the pc one, which will be the superior version.

power0919994927d ago

Normally I would agree with you, as I feel that PC versions are better for FPS.

However being allowed to use Mouse, and Keyboard on the PS3 changes my thoughts about this.

It will run much better on my PS3 than it would on my PC. (without upgrading)