No Achievements or Gamer Score for Xbox Originals

According to Major Nelson, there will be no achievements or gamer score associated with the upcoming Original Xbox downloadable games. That sucks.

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bootsielon4931d ago

That would have added lots of replay value and would have, perhaps, topped Sony's offer of PS1 games (disregarding the fact that many PS1 exclusive titles were better than some Xbox 1 titles) based on the fact that those games are a generation above PS1 and would have 1uped Sony into offering downloadable last gen games for a decent price (Tekken 5 notwithstanding).

ThisIsWaiting4931d ago

... would have been nice.

I'll just be sticking to the current gen games then.

Close_Second4931d ago

The 20GB 360 model is hardly big enough to store more than 2 or 3 last gen Xbox games. Furthermore, you can buy them cheaper on CD...whats the point?

ThisIsWaiting4931d ago

I've thought about that, but I think theres something different in the way data can be compressed when its goint to be DL'd as opposed to put on a disc.

I dont know why ... or how ... but the HD movies you can DL from the XBL marketplace are generally 5 gigs, give or take. It sounds a little nuts, but I think the games are going to be compressed and not be the same size as their on-disc counterparts.

If they can shrink a 20 gig movie to 5 ... why cant they shrink a 5 gig game into 1 ?

jaja14344931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

Generally speaking over 1/2 of the data on a DVD/HD disc is just the extra content most studios put on the DVD versions. More so on the HD disc because of all the little bells and whistles they throw in. Actually you can burn pretty much any HD movie onto a single sided DVD. There would defiantly be some compression, but nothing you would particularly notice.

Anyways thats why DL movies are only around 5gigs.

Fux4Bux4931d ago

I just hope Halo:CE is online..... without that this whole thing is pretty pointless.

Daxx4931d ago

You can throw your chances for that out the window. It's already been clarified that this Halo: CE won't have online play.

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