Gaming Industry Explodes To New Heights

Despite all the media attention Lindsey Lohan, Jennifer Aniston and Brangelina received this year, the masses seem more interested in the adventures of The Master Chief, Solid Snake and Mario, at least when it comes to shelling out the dollars.

Video games are big. In fact, they are bigger than ever, with 2007 projected to be the biggest yet for the gaming industry.

"We're forecasting a real record-breaker (for) 2007 sales of approximately $18 billion in the U.S.," said David Riley of NDP, a market research company.

Propelled by the release of the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii in late 2006, and blockbuster games like Halo 3 in September, the gaming industry is way up from the $12.5 billion it generated in 2006, which itself was a record-breaking year.

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PS3 Limps on and on4922d ago

Lohan = pretty hot, that's why they get so much attention.

I think.

PMR_214922d ago

srry, but Jennifer Aniston is not hot....JESSICA ALBA = HOT

socomnick4922d ago

The would all get it. I would gladly give it to all the ones you guys mentioned.

OOG FunK4922d ago

Lohan = a dirty crack whore like really......

I think youd have less chance of getn a disease by sticking it in a bed of used needles

Kuest4922d ago

don't believe what people say. Many conspiracies lie beneath the surface like c()ckroaches under a family rug. We. must. crush. them.

Before its too late, of course...

socomnick4922d ago

lol @ kuest

There are no conspiracies microsoft came out with a awesome console and people in the United States are buying it up. Judging from all my friends they all own xbox 360s of those only 1 also owns a ps3. He has 2 games for it R&c , heavenly sword and hes planning on getting uncharted.

jcgamer4922d ago, you have a way with words..."like ckroaches under a family rug, WE. Must. Crush. Them" Only the good sir KUEST can make it sound so poetic...bubbles up bro...

ericnellie4922d ago

Good to see that the entire industry is kicking a$$ and taking names! Gosh, it really good to be a gamer;)

OOG FunK4922d ago

Shows how much money is in this industry now and why there will never be jus 1 system....way to much to lose.

And personally I think that the big 3 have had there own lil impacts in the industry....

Nintendo...brought gaming back to life...and is the big daddy we all know this

Sony then showed us what games could do and how much of a cinematic experience they can be....and also introduced teh CD! well not really but only really sucessfullll CD based one during this time lol

Microsoft helped propel us into the future of console gaming with online gameplay and interactivity and caused a new breed of competitive gaming for consoles

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