Warner Shelves "Total HD" Hybrid Disc Plans

Speaking exclusively with High-Def Digest, Warner Home Entertainment says its previously announced HD DVD/Blu-ray hybrid disc won't be hitting stores anytime soon.

As previously reported, the studio made a splash when it unveiled Total HD earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, proposing it to the industry and consumers alike as a solution to the ongoing format war. Containing a Blu-ray layer on one side of the disc and an HD DVD layer on the other, the studio said the hybrid disc would retail for little more than a single-format title, and that it planned to have its first releases in stores by the second half of the year.

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Shadow Flare4929d ago

The idea of 'total HD' discs were because the winner of the format war between Bluray and HD-DVD was unsure, so they developed this new disc to have the best of both worlds, and there's no way it could lose. However since Warner has shelved the idea, that means one thing. A winner is becoming obvious. So there's no need for this disc. And that winner is.....abubububub BLU-RAY!!!

Kholinar4929d ago

or it might be cheaper (than the cost of development) to just wait for dual format players...

marinelife94929d ago

"Our job is not to further complicate the lives of our retailers."

I think that is the key statement in the entire article.

1. You can interpret it to mean that they just didn't want Total HD disk to make things more confusing.

2. Or you can interpret it to mean Warner might be choosing a side soon in order to help bring some clarity to the format war. You can speculate away from there which side they are going support.

ancient1124929d ago

Next the hybrid player will be released that can read both layer of the hybrid disc at the same time, and we will get 1080p x 2 = 2160p^2 quality!

MK_Red4929d ago

Well, Warner did say that they are eyeing the format war to choose one side and that means they no longer want to have a dual format. Good thing because this would have only made this stupid war last longer.

pwnsause4929d ago

your right, I think this is a big clue that they are going to support one format in the future, even though they denied it, you know its going to happen, and they way things are going, they might jump to BD.

Xbox is the BEST4929d ago

looking at stand alone player sales not PS#3 or HD add-on.

Daver4929d ago

why not looking at ps3 and hd dvd add-on? these people are costumers like everyone else that buys movies too

tethered4929d ago

Wrong. They are only looking at HD disk sales not stand alone players.

Stand alone players mean nothing to movie executives.
Movie executives make no money off of stand alone player sales.
They make their money off movie sales.

Think what you will though because you will see soon enough.

Xbox is the BEST4929d ago

Warner holds patent in HD DVD. Whatever patent WB holds in Blu Ray is for Total HD disc. Time Warner the parent company forced WB to support Blu Ray, WB was exclusive to HD DVD. Look it up the heads of DVD are Toshiba and Warner. The heads of HD DVD are the same companies and a new Time Warner CEO will be there to star the new year. WB did not resign there contract with BDA a mere $40K we know that money is not an issue. Expect an announcement CES 2008 from Warner as to who they will back.

ruibing4929d ago

You are telling me that for a patent and data based entirely on stand alone player sales, Warner Bros will go HD-DVD exclusive despite the fact that Blu Ray is now selling over 2:1 in software compared to HD-DVD? Did I miss the memo on Warner Bros turning into a hardware company? What else could a studio care for except movie sales?

cuco334929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

Nielson's only displays 60% of the market. BDA is on it's 2nd BOGO sale when HD DVD has a big release. Notice how the BOGO sale is ONLY for those retail stores that report to Nielson's? Then look at the major stores that report and see how they favor blu due to incentives: i.e. Best Buy, Target, etc... So yes, in fact blu is winning 2:1 in software sales, based on 60% market analysis that already favors blu from the get go.

You guys really have to start looking at the whole picture. Too much time spent on and Let me add, I find it hysterical how you Sony boys constantly preach the movie format that is blu rather than the game console that everyone knows the PLAYSTATION was created for. Lose on gaming, go recoup by talking about movies yet the sales figures show you gamers tend not to buy movies, otherwise BD would have won 9 months but instead are steady fast going to a stalemate.

For the record, TotalHD would cost Warner (and the consumer) far more than anyone would like to pay. There was no expected retail cost but MY guess would be it was upwards in the $50 a disk range. It'ld also cost Warner more to make since they would either have to merge an HD DVD pressing line with a BD pressing line OR press one side, ship the disks, then press the other. That would only cost more to Warner as well. Great theory, bad practice.

ruibing4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

What's your point regarding the sales on Blu Ray media? It's the same exact tactic that HD-DVD uses when it comes to their stand alone players, not to mention bundling nine movies and a season of some tv show like Heroes with every purchase.

If you looked at the charts, you see that the 2:1 is a trend not an anomaly. Sure I remember seeing the BOGO deals twice or so on fatwallet, but those are limited time sales but the 2:1 ratio has been maintained for awhile now.

And I really don't think Sony has already forfeited the PS3 as a gaming console. Sure it has some really nice features now, including Divx, but they have not stopped pumping out titles from everyone of their first party studios and supported third party stuiods. In fact, Naughty Dog purposely stopped programming in LISP so that they can help share their game engine and techniques with other PS3 developers worldwide.

I can rant on and on, but you get my point. I agree with some of your points, but I still believe Blu Ray is winning and it is PS3s that are selling Blu Ray (and not the other way around).

cuco334929d ago

We're talking software sales. It's obvious the BDA wants to make some sort of marketing ploy about how, based on Nielson's, they won every week of 2007 and might even throw in the 'HD DVD is dead' like they typically do. Don't get me wrong, BOGOs are great for the consumer, hells I don't even own a PS3 yet and I bought 2! But it is NOT the same as HD DVD's sale, or should I say Walmart's sale. It was Walmart who went to Toshiba to sell gen2 players one time at a low price of $100 (another sale seems to be in the works, we won't know until it is announced). Why did they do this? Simple, overstock of gen2 players to make room for gen3 players. Businesses all do this, and I expect 1.0 BD players to eventually get some serious cost cutting when 1.1 profile becomes the norm (won't happen until mid next year or later). It was Best Buy and Amazon's sale to include 7-9 movies and a season with the purchase of a player. Regardless, the HD DVD group seems to focus on getting stand alone players into people's homes which is smart since it's what studios like to see. They know after a year the PS3 effect didn't strike the jugular blow like even I expected to. Why? Simple, majority of PS3 owners want games, not movies and it only takes a few PS3 owners to counter anything and everything that all HD DVD owners buy.
I would hope having 10 times the players that the BDA can muster some sort of sales lead but that's ALL the blu boys preach... a sales lead as if it's gospil then you look at the total amounts sold and it's pitiful, WAY too early to make any decision. Again, if PS3 owners bought BD movies, BD would have won 9 months ago but alas they generally don't.

I'm not denying that blu is winning, and I'm not denying that it is solely because of the PS3's market penetration on why BD is winnig. What I am trying to say is I am SEVERELY disappointed in the PS3 as the trojan horse it was supposed to be. In my eyes, PS3 games = 360 games and Blu-ray = HD DVD. There is no 'superiority' or 'next gen starts when we say it does'. It's the same sh*t with bold claims. The only advantage mustered in this whole ordeal is disk capacity for PC storage but for $30 a pop for a BD25 I'ld rather put my stuff on DVDs or buy a spare external hard drive. And yes I know for PCs it's still too early and pricing will go down. DVDs are fine for me (and most) and that's only single layer. Most don't even use dual layer 9gb DVDs. I say bring on holographic disk media. 1TB per disk interests me more than a 25gb disk with scratch protection.

In the end, it comes down to the content. For any fanboy that says all BD movies are best, keep dreaming. I am a movie fanboy and thus have this addiction for ALL movies in HD. My soon to be purchased PS3 will sit nicely next to my 360 and HD-A2, as well as the duct taped GC called the Wii ;)

Biphter4929d ago

Regardless of how "Close" Disc sales are in the States, HD-DVD disc sales in the rest of the world are nothing compared to Blu-Ray. Hollywood has to be mad to only consider whats happening in USA. Even though the recent reports by HD-DVD Consortium suggest that their selling at a high attach rate in Europe, it still doesn't negate the fact that Blu-Ray disc sales and Blu-Ray players (PS3 included) Dwarfs HD-DVD 5 to 1 Disc and even more in players capable of playing BD. In Japan HD-DVD is Dead completely, full stop.

My money is on Warner finally getting closer to making a decision either way to end this war, and if they REALLY are interested in ending it, they must choose Blu-Ray to make it happen. If they choose HD-DVD then there are more dirty tactics involved I think, as this would only make the studio support dead even, i.e. prolong the war and possibly fruit the need for a the TotalHD disc because both formats will be living side by side for another 2 years at least, if Warner choose HD-DVD.

To be honest, my gut feeling says they will choose HD-DVD, just to make their Total HD disc investment viable. The right thing to do is go Blu, but look as Paramount for proof that really its all about money in the end. Business is business in this Capitalist world we live in.

The winner in this war will be Microsoft and its digital distribution system, I hate to say.

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scrillakiller4929d ago

yeah right xbox is the best has no idea what hes talking about.hes an hddvd/xbox fanboy.theyre looking at disk sales cuz thats where they make theyre money at and at present bluray is beating down hddvd shall someone pull up the 300 numbers for this fanboy

wangdiddy824929d ago

It makes no sense to me.. Universal and paramount would make way more money with blu ray.. Blu ray is killing hd dvd..

4929d ago
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