Q&A: Microsoft on Xbox Originals

Xbox Live group marketing manager Aaron Greenberg fills in the blanks on the plan to make last-gen's best and brightest downloadable on Xbox 360.

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predator4923d ago

dam no online for halo, no acheivements, cant chat or even have access to ur profile.

but ALL third party publishers are involved, capcom sega konami all there old classics could make there way other.


aba4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

Games will be exactly the same as the retail versions, so Halo will have multiplayer.

EDIT: Hey [email protected] who disagreed, learn to read.

Greysturm4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

To all the reasons my roommate would have for rebuying the classic titles guess its only for those who havent played them before. Well its still cool an interesting step in digital distribution tech. ALthough i doubt many publishers would be interested in revamping their games for this new service as of now maybee if its really sucessfull..

Bladestar4923d ago

this was kind of obvious... this service will be similar to the wii as far as the wii... game will be what it was...
There will be no difference between Buy Original Xbox game on disk and run it on the Xbox 360 or download it.

I think this service will probably open doors to 3rd party developers that would like to upgrade an existing game to have achivements, etc.. but would like to distribute it via digital distribution.

Omegasyde4923d ago

Actually there is.

THese games will be emulated so there is a chance of some games running shoddy. The Reason the Wii has so much content is because all of the games are easy to emulate and low on memory.

Remember Xbox games are on DVDs which some take over 5 gigs on the disc for. Good idea though but I doubt many 3rd party developers will jump at the idea since all of the games have to be emulated on a individual basis taking up resources.

gnothe14923d ago

I hope capcom brings back Marvel vs capcom 2, do you know how hard that game is to find!!

Eclipticus4923d ago

not that hard i find it everyday when i look at my collection.
Oh now looking for Eternal darkness for the GC is impossible...

Omegasyde4923d ago

I have eternal Darkness for GC. How much ? :)

Jack Bauer4923d ago

ok... this just killed it for me... so can buy the hard copies of these games, that are worth something, and are portable for a lower price. 19 bucks is too much money (cant buy 1200 point chuncks)

Omegasyde4923d ago

I agree they should go for 10 at most and some of the titles are gimped of features.

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The story is too old to be commented.