1UP Uncharted Review 8.5

The story puts you in the shoes of Nate Drake, who's supposedly descended from storied explorer Sir Francis Drake (whose diary provides guidance throughout), on a relic-finding documentary tour turned sour, which means lots of guns, fisticuffs, and platforming in this third-person action-adventure.

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cloud360-7th_account4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

At the bottom, the user reviews of the game. Can you see it? 4.7, yes 4.7 Who do you think actually goes to this website? 360 owners or PS3 owners? Come on man this shouldn't even be considered a damn gaming site. I've seen less bias on the official Xbox forums.
Meus Ren....

sonarus4928d ago

it really is very hard for 1up to say something positive about the ps3. I knew this was the score uncharted would get as soon as egm gave it a 8.5. There was a comment in that review where he says the brutal kill melee combo is not as satisfying as the reload timing in gears of war. That right there was completely wrong. 1st off how can you compare a melee attack to reloading. I have played gears of war tons of times and it is the reason i bought a 360 overall i believe it is a better game than uncharted but that reload timing is useless as far as i am concerned. sure its nice when you pull it off but there is no real punishement to failing. you do it when you feel like and is absolutely unnecessary. I completely fail to see how this is satisfying in anyway.

cloud360-7th_account4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

The website just banned 2 usr reviews that gave uncharted 10. check what 1up say aboyt these. the staff say no offending. HAHAHHAHHAHA


What a joke. 1 up sucks: yeh it maybe offensive and a 10 in not offensive also

straightpiff4204928d ago of should really make an article about all this nonsense going on- There are too many websites bashing the PS3 for every little detail, we can't even get fair reviews nowadays! Gamespot gives Ratchet and Clank Future an incredibly low score and 1UP tries to bash Uncharted but still gave it an 8.5, which is a very good score. They must've REALLY wanted to give it a 9.5. Why can't people do their job fairly!?

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cloud360-7th_account4928d ago

8.5 i remember the video where the iup guy said that i will pick resistance over HALO anyday and in review they gave it 8.5 ot i think 8.7 then gave halo 3 10 i mean i m not bashing HALO but finding contradiction in their claims.

solid eagl

xaphanze4928d ago

already saw that one coming.