Street Fighter II HD Sacrilege

Fighting game purists nearly went into cardiac arrest when Capcom announced some of its planned revisions for Street Fighter II HD.

From the Sarcastic Gamer article: "In a Capcom Blog entitled, "Rebalancing Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix" they describe how they're changing the game to make it appeal to a wider audience. *Urge to kill rising.*"

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Skerj4928d ago

New Street Fighter rules are banned in my house!! You WILL learn how to do a Shoryuken the right way or GTFO, and I might throw muffins at you on your departure and laugh. Oh how I will laugh at your lack to do "foward/down/down foward".

Polluted4928d ago

Relax. They're including an unmodified version as well. Rebalanced mode is just for when you're playing with your girlfriend/kids.

JSA-Gamer4928d ago

Maybe they'll add a couple of dance mats too. Why not? WHile they're changing it lets just go all the way. COme to think of it Guitar support might be nice.

Still don't like the idea.... but at least as Polluted pointed out, its an OPTION not a rule.

vaan4928d ago

Capcom vs Snk2 on the xbox had this 'eo' mode. It was disgusting. You can do a super move by just hitting an analogue stick!? WTF! ( instead of charge back, forward, back, forward for example).
Anyone that uses such modes should be shot. Or play Mortal Krapbat or Dragon Ballz or some sh1t.


I can own most people with E Honda :_)

crazy250004928d ago

i agree about the whole crap n00b mode,

but own anyone with e honda????? i respectively disagree.....u got ps3 or 360? i got ps3, so if you wana have matches when its out, let me know =)

Zhuk4928d ago

these revisions are made by a guy who is one of the best SF players in the world and they seem to actually make a lot of sense. These articles are stupid as they are also including a game mode that's unmodified

bootsielon4928d ago

Because you start to make sense and I don't have to read your verbal diarrhea. Kudos, even though I know you won't listen to me, keep up the good work.

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The story is too old to be commented.