Sarcastic Gamer Reviews the Reviews of Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed reviews are pouring onto the Internet like gangbusters.

Sarcastic Gamer turns the tables on the reviewers, by reviewing some of the more heralded reviews. Still with me?

From the review: "Metacritic has the game at an 84 out of 100. Gamepro (of course) gave the game a score of 100 out of 100. So did Game Informer. They also said that they didn't actually play the game."

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sunnyhours4933d ago

I actually laughed out loud to that Kirk image in the story. Funny stuff...

stuntman_mike4933d ago

yeah the kirk picture was funny the rest was tripe.

Rooted_Dust4933d ago

Complete and total crap. Read over to their Crysis Review or non-reveiw. They waste an entire page bs'ing about how they can't run Cryisis at full specs.

rgun4933d ago

What a joke of a site. For a real bloggers opinion check out what Gabe at PA had to say.

JSA-Gamer4933d ago

What a joke of a comment. For a real comment, see #1.

You're right. Penny Arcade.... is AMAZING. I mean AMAZING. It cures cancer. It's AMAZING.

LGFreedom4933d ago

Looks like when you get big enough, all the haters come out! BTW I love Penny Arcade. Check them out, and when you're done, come on over to Sarcastic Gamer and check us out too!! There's enough room for all of us.

Except for rgun. you seem mildly retarded. In that vomit all over your izod shirt kind of way. *shudder*