Face it, You’re Buying Modern Warfare 3

John of - "Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that everyone will be flocking to Call of Duty when it releases on November 8. All I’m saying is that even if you’re intensely dedicated to Battlefield 3 right now, even if you have your shiny Limited Edition Battlefield 3 copy preordered – Modern Warfare 3 will find it’s way into your gaming library."

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iamnsuperman3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

"They are very different games. One’s going for accurate portrayals and realism while the other exists to place the player into electrifying action scenarios. I’ll leave it to you to decide which is which." and I would add to the end and no need to shove it in peoples faces and say the other sucks.

Now everyone can we get back to playing games and stop the stupid "war". Like the quote from the article says (along with my added extra) they are different type of game giving different experiences.

End of

notimetobeidle3301d ago

I wanted the piece to be more of a celebration of MW3 than a comparison between the two games but it would almost be like an elephant in the room if I didn't at least mention my fleeting thoughts.

I'm getting both (at very different release times) but I think MW3 will do way better.

reynod3301d ago

Why would i want to pay 60usd for new maps for an old game? Sorry got better games to play on my list.

norman293301d ago

"Face it, You’re Buying Modern Warfare 3" im not!

Pixel_Pusher3301d ago

If the game had a better spawning system; COD 4 like killstreaks/perks; dedicated servers then maybe I would but as it is now....hell no!

evrfighter3301d ago

maybe in 2 years when it goes on sale for $15 on steam. That is if cod is even a relevant franchise then.

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ATi_Elite3301d ago

so stop trolling all the BF3 vs. MW3 threads and acting like you hate COD.

lMHl3301d ago

I Hate both games Ill play halo to the day i die
both look lame to me

Kurt Russell3301d ago

I won't be buying COD - Haven't done for a long time.

Sevir043301d ago

I wont be getting MW3, nothing spectacular from the looks of it. This on going war between battlefield and MW, EA and Activition is just silly! The only first person shooter thats got me pumped this fall is Resistance 3 and that's whats got me spending my money!

ConstipatedGorilla3301d ago

I received my amazon email last night saying Resistance 3 has shipped! I'm ready.

As for COD, I've owned every Duty up to this point and have spent countless hours playing online, but this is the first one I will pass on. I'm not excited about MW3 in the least. I already own 4 versions of that game.

Morbius4203301d ago Show
SilentNegotiator3301d ago

They're both "teh realistic" modern warfare shooters. One has some vehicles and more "realistic" scenarios, and the other has more explosions.

Face it; BF3 and MW3 aren't really all that different and are just slight facelifts from the last installments with short, token campaigns.

The sooner we realize that one isn't going to revolutionize the genre and "save" us from generic modern FPS games and it doesn't matter if the other outsells McDonald's food, the sooner we realize that we're being duped by silly promotional campaigns designed to pit gamers against each other (thus creating stupid loyalties and additional BS-fueled promotion), and start realizing that new experiences (like ones that aren't modern pew pew pew game #437543) could actually be really great and fun.

princejb1343301d ago

i was gonna buy it but than i saw a multiplayer gameplay video and saw they had quick scope in it so i changed my mind
as much as i think I'm gonna regret it battlefield here i come

cannon88003301d ago

I never bought a call of duty game so no I'm not buying it.

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Son_Lee3301d ago

Face it, I'm not. Not with the plethora of other more exciting games the rest of the year. I'll buy it when it's $30 or less. Nothing against MW3, personally, Just too many other amazing titles I'd rather spend my hard-earned money on.

notimetobeidle3301d ago

You might want to read the end then.

I don't mean to say that people will buy it off the bat. It's almost an eventuality that you'll get it, though.

Of course some people won't get it. That was a colorful exaggeration. My girlfriend isn't interested in FPS games and lots of people don't have time to invest in a $60 title.

omi25p3301d ago

I have no intention of ever buying it. If I want to play cod il buy cod 4 for alot cheaper and they are exactly the same.

Ser3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I will NEVER pick up MW3. I STILL haven't inserted a copy of Black Ops into my PS3 - my trophy list can vouch for me.

JeffGUNZ3300d ago


Does that make you cool or something? You think anyone cares enough to check your trophy status? It's a friggin video game, it's not like you're being accused of molesting people.

The author is right, I was hoping for a little more with the MP and I will hold off with this game since I will be very busy with Gears 3, but I know over time I will end up getting MW3.

Agent-863301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I agree and won't be buying it either. Rather presumptuous of this article writer. I haven't bought a COD game since MW1. I just don't like the arcadey, twitch gaming that it's turned into (also hate the killstreaks and it helped ruin COD for me). Plus, I'm a PC gamer and the COD series has absolutely gone downhill on that platform in both quality and player counts. When MW2 went to 18 players without dedicated servers, I knew COD wasn't for me anymore.

notimetobeidle3301d ago

You make good points.

I'm mainly a PC gamer but I've relegated COD titles to my PS3 because of the lack of dedicated server support and the rampant hacking in the Steam version of the game.

Agent-863301d ago

@notimetodeidle, good to see another PC/PS3 combo gamer. I'm mostly a PC gamer and like to play FPS and RTS games on my PC. I use the PS3 mainly for console only games like Red Dead Redemption (wish that was on PC) and Sony exclusives like Uncharted and Infamous (looking forward to Twisted Metal next year). Since I prefer my FPS games on PC, I'll be playing BF3 rather than MW3. I appreciate the extra effort that DICE is putting into BF3 and dislike the "taking for granted" attitude that Activision has given to it's COD PC fans.

morventhus3301d ago

Wow you left after MW1 and are a PC gamer? Me and my gaming group left CoD after Cod2 (best game in the series) and moved on to other things... in our opinion skill left CoD when 3 came out... and I agree with you on killstreaks... its like having a game of football and having the team that scored 2 touchdowns in a row one more touchdown for the hell of it

but im getting off topic... a lil point of article no i wont get Mw3... on the account i abandoned CoD a while ago...

Getowned3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

also a PC/Ps3 combo gamer :P

perks,death steaks and kill streaks ruin cod for me as well if it didn't have those things and instead focused on more weapons and maps and co-op modes and just more game types in general i would be happy with the game.

well i guess i just described counter strike a bit here :P..i wonder how well counter strike will do on consoles tho.

ConstipatedGorilla3301d ago

@ morventhus

couldn't agree more. COD 2 had the best gameplay and was the most fun online. It sucks what they've done to it...

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Motorola3301d ago

They are still getting it. Too ashamed to admit the truth I guess...

Areeb113301d ago

i didn't even look at what you said, you are hot good sir.

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nintenflo3301d ago

I'm buying it! Oh and bf3 and rage and uncharted 3 and FIFA 12 and saints row 3 and Ico collection and f1 2011 and Mario 3ds and skyrim!! Oh shit! I need sell the missus!!
Nah who am I kiddin she ain't worth that much! Lol

Silly gameAr3301d ago

I haven't bought a COD game since Modern Warfare. I plan on keeping it that way.

Asgaro3301d ago

My last one was MW2. I won't make the mistake again.
Hell, I even bought BF2 again a few months ago, it still rocks.

But somehow I think the majority still have bought BO although they screamed after MW2's launch: no more CODs for me!!

Cpt_kitten3301d ago

nope sorry, skyrim uncharted, silent hill, and pretty much every other fall release have my attention....i have no need for a horrible built outdated game