SPOnG Interview With Tetsuya Mizuguchi

For many, Tetsuya Mizuguchi needs no introduction. For others, he does. It's not surprising – ever since he made his name working on the original SEGA Rally for the arcade, Mizuguchi-san has been one of the industry's most revered cult game designers. You have him to thank for games such as Rez, Space Channel 5, Lumines and Meteos - games that the mainstream gamer may have missed, but trust us when we say we highly recommend them. To play them gives you such a sensual cocktail of aural and visual pleasure that you may never wish to cease drinking.

Soppy metaphors aside, Xbox 360 owners will be treated to Rez HD very soon, while Every Extend Extra Extreme was released on October 17th - both are games that will be released onto Live Arcade. SPOnG managed to catch up with Mizuguchi-san to learn more about his career, inspiration and playing games while zoned out on the couch.

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