Update on Resistance: Fall of Man, Blu-Ray, and more

Ted Price: "Yes it is true - we are currently using more than 20 gigs. And yes, we do compress our level data. The fact that we store so much on disc is actually not that surprising when you look at the numbers. Consider that even with compression, each of our "levels" (or loaded areas) has more than 300 megs of unique data. And keep in mind that we're also streaming data during level playthroughs. It doesn't take too much level data before you've gone past what can be stored on a dual-layer DVD. And between single player and multiplayer we have a lot of level data (over 40 different large loaded areas) – yes, more than will fit on a dual layer DVD."

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Marriot VP4515d ago

Where the 20gbs came from???

"We also include a lot of data in the form of game movies in both HD and PAL formats"

Aflac4515d ago

are obviously not as great as microsofts, every1 knows that, wen compressed by m$, I highly doubt this game would b quite the size of oblivion compressed. but they dont need them to be anyway, cus of the bluray discs.

DJ4515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )

Even when given proof, you guys still say "Lies!". How silly. As for the compression statement, all I can say is "I told you so".
Even when a 3D grapics artist tells you straight up how much space 3D models and textures take up, you still fall back on the "Microsoft has better compression techniques!" cop-out. Got any proof to back up that statement?

BTW, it's BECAUSE of heavy compression that 360 titles are only using around 2/3 to 3/4 of the 360's CPU power for actual game code. Look up the Xbox developer powerpoint slide and you'll find out that an entire core is often dedicated to heavy decompression.

Cell processes compressed data faster than pure data so there's no worries for PS3 devs.

tatical4514d ago

Decompression only happens when reading data off the DVD. Where do you think all of that uncompressed data goes? It goes to the 512 MB of RAM. Where do you think the PS3s uncompressed data goes...? To the 256 MB of RAM. These machines run uncompressed game code.

Bhai4514d ago (Edited 4514d ago )

300 mb per loaded unique environment...

40 unique environments...

=> 300mb X 40 = 12 GB

only the unique, non-repetitive data on 40 levels crosses DVD-9's capacity. Not to mention vids, cut scenes, scripts, unlockables, online-coding and assets, regional coding stuff, multiple voice overs in different languages and also a BIG multitude of 'non-unique' data, clearly makes up around 5 gb more, thusly around 17gb at the minimum, easily ipto 20gb.......even more than HD-DVD...and its just a launch title, AWESOME ! next-gen starts Nov. 17th !!!

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The story is too old to be commented.