15 Best Sci-fi Shooters of all Time

GR - "Videogames are heavily influenced by the science fiction genre—arguably the most creative of genres, limited only by the extent of scientific possibility (which isn't very limited at all) and imagination. To pay tribute to the SF genre, we've come up with a list of the 15 best sci-fi shooters of all time."

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thugbob3469d ago

I agree with games on the list, but not the order.

thugbob3469d ago

Yeah, Killzone deserves to be on the list even though one of the games falls short(KZ3). KZ1's story and KZ2's MP are spectacular and are highly unappreciated.

otherZinc3469d ago


Killzone should never be on the best of anything list!

Also, the order is terrible or they should say "in no particular order"!

piroh3469d ago

in my opinion TPSs are far better than FPSs but if i had to choose one then Killzone

atmosphere is fantastic, graphics groundbreaking, feel of weapon weight realistic

Pikajew3469d ago

How do you know how much the weapons weight?

SonyStyled3469d ago

you got to play them to expirience it

piroh3469d ago


i'm not 16 years old

GamingForever3469d ago

15 games I should play but never have the time for...

iamnsuperman3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

For anyone finding it a pain reloading the page 15 times
15 Perfect dark
14 Metroid Prime Series
13 Gears of War
12 Unreal series
11 Crysis series
10 Killzone series
9 Halo series
8 Dead space series
7 Bioshock series
6 Borderlands series
5 Portal series
4 Half Life 2 (plus Episode 1 and 2)
3 Mass effect series
2 System shock 2
1 Deus Ex series

Nice list but like thugbob said not the order

MysticStrummer3469d ago

Thank you. Hate these one entry per page lists. I disagree about the quality of the list though. You can tell this does not come from someone with a long history of gaming. Borderlands is viewed as a series, yet the first Half Life gets snubbed. No Resistance series. No Doom series. Even ignoring the order, it's not a good list.

Hicken3469d ago

Well said. I was expecting Doom to be pretty high up there, and saw Borderlands as being too high, among other things. And no Tribes, either? Suspect list is suspect.

TenPThor3469d ago

Portal isn't a shooter.

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The story is too old to be commented.