Hints at a sequel? God Eater community site opens on first day of TGS.

The official God Eater blog was given a rare update today with a few bits of news for the coming month. Three major God Eater related events are happening on September 15.

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Abash4475d ago

God Eater 2 on the PSVita would be awesome

gustave1544475d ago

YES PLZ. I dreamt of a sequel to God Eater Burst i hope we get it xD

xf4475d ago

If they announce GEB2 for the Vita, i will scream like a chimpanzee in a washing machine. :-)

dark-hollow4475d ago

God eater? I never heard of this game.


"Let Me Solo Her" Receives A Special Award From Namco Bandai For His 1000th Victory Against Malenia

Immersed Gamer writes: "Let Me Solo Her is a legendary Elden Ring player who mastered one of the most infamous bosses to help his fellow tarnished via co-op. And for his service, he received an award from Namco Bandai to commemorate his 1,000th victory. The reward in question is a real, and extremely dope, custom-made sword.

Malenia is regarded as the hardest boss in Elden Ring, and the relentless Tarnished has defended literally thousands of hosts against this malice. Let Me Solo Her apparently passed 2,000 Malenia kills a while back, but it’s hard to measure the exact count he is at now. Bandai Namco sent the gift his way when he was at around 1,000 kills. But due to the nature of the object, it got stuck in customs for a while!"

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shaenoide515d ago

Nice to see an healthy online behavior to be recognize by the dev teams.

But man.... How many hours did he spent playing Elden Ring? Not sure it's that healthy in real life 😂

But still kuddo to him :)


‘Tekken Tag Tournament’ and ‘Tekken 4’ Gets Vinyled

Laced Records has teamed up with Bandai Namco for the release of a triple vinyl-set featuring music from retro-classics Tekken Tag Tournament & Tekken 4.

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Terry_B1006d ago

Are you Okay??? The thumb is from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

SDuck1006d ago

At least it's the right franchise

fr0sty1006d ago

TTT is one of my all time favorite games, but I always found its soundtrack to be terrible. I'd mute the music and put my own on.


God Eater Getting Cute Shio Figure by Wing

While there hasn't been a new God Eater game in a while, Japanese figure manufacturers are happy to dig into the series' history for inspiration.

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