Crysis vs. Call of Duty 4

GameDaily pits sci-fi against the War on Terror with Crysis verses Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. In one corner, we have U.S. Special Forces dressed in high-tech nanosuits fighting aliens and North Koreans in the future. In the other, we have multinational soldiers using the most sophisticated weapons available to fight Middle Eastern and Russian terrorist forces. Which will prevail, the future or the present?

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socomnick3993d ago

I say crysis . Im bored of cod 4 already.

Danja3993d ago

Nope COD4 FTW....ur bored already dude..go online and get ur ass kicked then maybe you will find some replay value that way

pointystick3992d ago

How would getting your ass constantly kicked give the game more replay value?

led10903993d ago

crysis wins but cod4 is close

Alcohog3993d ago

I hope this isn't a graphics comparison...if so then: "lawl".

Marceles3993d ago

Any game out now doesn't stand a chance against Crysis.

skagrerrrr3993d ago

wins... but I love both games!

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