Top 10 Underrated and Underappreciated Games

Here is a list of the top 10 underrated and underappreciated games that, for some reason or another, were completely ignored.

Rushing_Punch4401d ago

These are the same games everyone lists over and over. Beyond Good and Evil isn't that great. I bought it for Xbox and played about an hour before I got bored

Soldierone4401d ago

I really enjoyed the demo, but have been debating buying the game for a while now. I think I will end up buying it anyways when I have a spare ten bucks.

tplarkin74401d ago

I agree about Beyond Good & Evil. It was totally overrated by reviewers for some odd reason. I beat the game and I'd give it a 7.5.

SquareEnixFan4401d ago

Excellent list. I hate ICO and never played Mount and Blade but the rest are very good games.

GupX19A4401d ago

None of these games are underrated.

gravemaker4401d ago

Beyound Good and Evil, i think its one of the most overrated games
its bland, bland gameplay(nothing interesting in combat mechanics, dead and uninteresting world), bad script, bad uninspired uninteresting characters
its so generic, i beat it in 8 hours or so and felt very dissapointing because read all those good reviews
this game is boring, generic and overrated

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Christopher78d ago

A good number of these games are pretty well-known in the gaming community. I don't know who this 'no one' is, but they might not have been a gamer during the time of the PS2. ICO? The Warriors? BULLY?!? C'mon now.

FullmetalRoyale77d ago

Certainly not as interesting as a spoon controversy, right?

76d ago
Terry_B78d ago

Not one of these is pretty "forgotten". But what you can forget are bad lists that need 15 clicks.

Terry_B77d ago

edit..why the fuck was this shit approved by 2 guys after all?

luckytrouble77d ago

Because the approval system is fundamentally flawed. The amount shouldn't decrease for approval over time, nobody should be able to have more than one vote, and pending content should be more visible so those measures don't feel necessary to push through less immediately popular pieces.

The number of ways this system can be intentionally or accidentally abused so crap like this can get through has been ridiculous for ages now.

Petebloodyonion78d ago

The title is misleading, it should be 15 best ps2 that you always ignored (hence the title of the video).
These games are not unknow but often left out when talking PS2 great game.
The warrior is a great game but let's be frank just mention it in a discussion amongs friends and half the crowd will go " OMG I forgot about that! "