Gamespot Gut Reactions: PS3 Delayed in Europe

But let's not get carried away. Many will be upset with Sony, but that won't stop us from snapping up every last console that's available...when they finally are available. Sony has too much of a draw for us to ignore, and much as we in Europe might feel the desire to punish them for passing us over once again, come March we'll be desperate to get our hands on the kit. We're beginning to form a love-hate relationship with Sony, it seems; but once this all passes, we'll be too busy playing PS3 games to care.

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Eternal E 8085861d ago

after awhile taking it a$$ you start to like it.seems like the case with these type of ppl hay what ever that floats there boat i guess.

bernie5861d ago (Edited 5861d ago )

"Sony too much of a draw", sorry but thats just no longer true, it's wishful thinking by Sony and and a few old stragglers.

Truth is nobody believes Sony any more, I have sold a lot of Xbox360's in the last two days to what used to be Sony fans. Both playstation & bluray are now starting to be looked on as vapourware and unreliable by almost every customer (no matter who they supported before).

People in these articles are almost non existent now on the high street (in the real world), Xbox360 and the Wii are seen as the console's to have, and many PS2 owners are coming in mentioning how impressed they are with it and how they wished they'd bought one earlier.
Real life gamers now realise that they can either sit and stare at their monitors till next March, hoping for any bit of PS3 hype that helps them cope or they can get up, get out on the high street, buy a brand new console and actually experience some great next generation gaming.
They are quickly enjoying a new next gen experience & Loving it, and thanks to (the now laughable) Sony, their gaming passion is being fulfilled by the Xbox360 and also soon the Wii.