Guy Hodge takes the p*ss out of Call of Duty gamers

Legendary cartoonist Guy Hodge turns his attention to the recent Call of Duty XP event in this series of images.

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ChrisW2627d ago

Is it me... or is there 5 or 6 articles about Call of Duty a day?

zerocrossing2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Yeah, but its ok coz this one's poking fun at it.

dark-hollow2627d ago

Because cod haters love to voice their "opinions" in cod articles more than the games they love!

RyuCloudStrife2627d ago

HA! ding ding we have a winner LMAO!!

Kee2627d ago

How many patches does she have? What's that? NONE!!

thespaz2627d ago

It's cool to hate on Call of Duty because it's popular.

It's time to make a different game popular so we can hate on that one now.

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