Is The Resistance Movie Doomed Before It Begins?

Just Push Start: Is Kristen Stewart really the best possible choice for a lead role in this movie? I believe I speak for all gamers when I say we want a Resistance adaptation to be a powerful and gritty movie, not something that’s going to make Tweens line up at midnight to watch.

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Peaceful_Jelly2694d ago

well she looks awfully similar to Capelli's wife! A bit younger though but...

gustave1542694d ago

she does look like hale's sister..
maybe dye her hair blonde?

Tanir2694d ago

woot human/ chimera love triangles ftw!!!! and sparkling chimera's!!!!!

rezzah2694d ago

With rainbow shooting guns!!!


Tanir2694d ago

i love dis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

iamnsuperman2694d ago

To be fair the roles she has been cast in is sad depressing character because of Twilight. She might be a good actress we just do not know yet. Lets only hope she is not cast in a Twilight like character. Then Resistance movie could be then seen as screwed (from the fans perspective) general public probably do not care

Sugreev20012694d ago

Check out the large amount of videos on Youtube,highlighting just how good her "acting" really is.She was essentially born to play the lead in the awful Twilight franchise,because that's all she knows about her craft.Her acting skills range from twitching to blinking her eyes 500 times a sec to twitching while blinking her eyes 500 times a sec.

Chaostar2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Just because she's lead in an awful, awful, sickeningly awful series of movies there's no need to paint everything she's in with the same brush. Plenty of good actors/actresses have done terrible movies in the past but, come on, it's a movie about aliens and alternate time-lines, it's hardly asking for Shakespeare.

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The story is too old to be commented.