If you buy one PSN Game This Year This Is It

The game will be on the 360 also on the 7th of Sept, pick this up look at the beautiful picture

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TheClown2602d ago

Payday: The Heist is the one PSN game you should buy this year if you can only get one.

Yi-Long2602d ago

... as that seems the most interesting.

NewMonday2602d ago

luckily i got the summer PLAY deal, it has this game with SF3, the Baconing, Renegade Ops and PayDay. all for about 35$


heist and journey are getting my moolah

Istanbull2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Who the fuk wrote the title and description? A 15 year old kid?

zeksta2602d ago

Pick what up? There's no Disc, there's no physical photo I can pick up, what am I picking up? :O

What you're meant to say is: Buy.

calibann2602d ago

Calm down grandma, it's slang for ''buy''.

Bigbangbing2602d ago

If you can only get one, go with Journey <3

vickers5002602d ago

Definitely. When does it come out by the way? It's taking forever (though I know it's for the best that it's taking so long).

Bigbangbing2602d ago

TBD, but if I had to guess, Nov-Dec :(

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