Review: Jetpack Joyride (iOS) - SideQuesting - The phrase “just one more” gets thrown around by a lot of games journalists these days, especially when discussing something from the App Store.

The 99 cent purchase has become a haven for simple and addictive and with more and more dirt cheap games vying for our attention (and, in most cases, our In-App Purchases) it can be pretty difficult to distinguish something that’s actually fun from something that’s merely addictive.

I’m very happy to report that Jetpack Joyride is both.

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CptFlashHeart2604d ago

One of the best iOS games I've ever bought. Only had it three days and got 26 of the 30 achievements because I can't stop playing it. The unlockables are great too :D

Huffman2604d ago

I'm hopelessly addicted. It's almost as bad as my Tiny Wings binge.