What Would Japanese Rather Buy a Vita or a Wii U?

GamePro - Real world images from Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Pikachu Sushi, a real Yakuza RPG and more in this double issue of The Other Side of Japanese Gaming.

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DarkCharizard_2605d ago

They'll buy whichever system gets Monster Hunter or Dragon Quest first... :P

dark-hollow2605d ago

Pikachu sushi????
I don't wanna know......

JsonHenry2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

My money is on Vita. Even though I don't see the two being in competition with each other. I am just saying I expect Vita to sell better than the Wii-U.

supremacy2605d ago

Well based on this
ill say vita over wiiu.

Kkndo2605d ago

We, people in Japan, love portable gaming. Why, because it's very convienent and easy to bring. Most of the people here are very outgoing. I think the main factor for the vita to win against wii u is if the 3ds doesnt sell well as it was predicted. My friends tried the 3ds once to see if it was any good and their reaction was, they didn't like the 3d effect. I also didn't like it as well. It honestly hurt our eyes. It felt like it was some low quality 3d. So if we don't buy a 3ds then where are we going to get our portable gaming? The vita.

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Venox20082605d ago

they should buy whatether they like more.. like all of us..

MasterCornholio2605d ago

The Japanese love portables but they also love wacky gaming devices. So i really cant say but i think both will do extremely well in japan.

xX-Jak-Xx2605d ago

i think its gonna be VITA

Samus HD2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Wii U is a Home console
Vita a portable
I mean they can't really fight each other
Though I agree with @Venox2008 comment

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