Phantasy Star Online 2 Character Creation Screens Crop Up

Recently, a number of character creation screens have shown up for Phantasy Star Online 2, and they certainly are nice to look at. We can see the now standard series of robust options - eyebrow shape and color, facial hair and decorations, body shape, et cetera - as well as some we haven't often seen before, such as iris size.

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Bleach2628d ago

Incredible! Can't wait for this game to come to PS3.

Pain2628d ago

I still wonder why it has not been announced for consoles yet ... Like why not?

Bleach2628d ago

Don't know but im confident it will come.

Solidestchimp2628d ago

Any word on this game comeing to America our Europe?

RufustheSage2627d ago

Aw man, can't wait for a announcement that it's coming to US and hopefully a console.