Treyarch Talks Zombies

Treyarch has managed to turn an unlockable extra from CoD: World at War into a fully functional sub-franchise. I think we can all agree that the Zombie mode in Black Ops was worth the price of admission all by itself.

Today, at Call of Duty XP, the boys from Treyarch gave us a behind-the-scenes look into the process that has made zombies a favorite among fans. Here are a few of the more interesting comments.

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Chidori2605d ago

I just can't imagine a COD without zombies anymore. It's such an important mode to me, and a breath of fresh air from multiplayer.... which can get boring quickly. Spec Ops is meh. I'm not really excited for MW3 because of it. Maybe if Activision made real improvements to the multiplayer I wouldn't have to depend on zombies to be satisfied with purchasing a COD title.

Hazmat132605d ago

why cant treyarch and IW team up to make a cod game or not have a storyline and a zombie storyline have spec ops and NZ have custom control over certain levels cheats like in MW ya know one big game!

newn4gguy2605d ago


There was a campaign in Black Ops?!?

beavis4play2605d ago

i've NEVER played the campaign or MP.........just zombies.

newn4gguy2605d ago

World at War had zombies...

That is ALL World at War had.

Modern Warfare 2 abandoned this because Infinity Ward decided to go with Spec Ops. I LOOOOOOOVE Spec Ops. It was so awesome! I wish we'd gotten more levels for it though.

Black Ops had zombies...

That is ALL Black Ops had.

Most of Infinity Ward leaves...


PRHB HYBRiiD2605d ago

What?? World at war was awesome... call of duty 4 was the best one though.

BattleTorn2605d ago

I think they could be successful with a zomie-only title.

considering I've bought all [email protected]/BlackOps DLCs for the 1 zombie map, and never really even try the MP maps.

tgh machines2605d ago

It would take ALOT of work and innovation in the genre. But yeah if they did it right they could make their own zombie game. But I don't think treyarch can pull off making 2 games at the same time (the next cod and a special zombie game) unless they really start hiring!

BattleTorn2605d ago

They did add Sludgehammer games into the mix.

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