Microsoft Delaying Vista in Europe?

It's been a rough week to have the Euro as your main form of currency. We're well aware of the the PS3 delay in Europe, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better over there. Reuters reports that Microsoft may have to delay the launch of its Vista because of the "antitrust requirements of the European Commission."

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GamerX25864d ago (Edited 5864d ago )

come on guys try a little harder, Sony really needs your help this time!!!!

zypher5864d ago

yeah. we all know how 1up caters to Sony. see ;)

drewdrakes5864d ago

HAHA well this is entirely the EU's fault. So there is actually fault with this one. You know what, there is absolutely no reason for MS to pay them. And you know what? They arent going to. Microsoft is more powerful then all of europe combined, so good luck EU.

D R Fz5864d ago (Edited 5864d ago )

Doesn't this remind us of that special guide... "launching the Vista for Dummies"?
It's so funny how when sony postpones the release of something it garners so much buzz but when microsoft postpones the release of something its "who cares". Jay, you're very biased for a person who says that he is not a fanboy. Where is the logic? I mean what is the real deal?

Jay da 2KBalla5864d ago

hmm maybe this is a GAMING website and the fact that sony has delayed their GAMING CONSOLE is a big deal and the fact that an operating system is being delayed doesnt matter to any gamer at all. Had the 360 been delayed then it would be something important but what does it matter if vista is delayed. Who really cares? You are just mad that you are a sony fanboy and that sony has been repeatedly f*ckin up and you just want anything you can find negative about microsoft to b!tch about even something as small and insignificant as this. To compare the delay of vista to the delay of the ps3 is just retarded.

shotty5864d ago

Vista delay is due to the EU wanting to fully certify it before it gets released there. The rest of the world is good for release. The Europians can pretty much blame the EU for delays, except the ps3 since it's just due to sony not making enough consoles.

andy capps5864d ago (Edited 5864d ago )

So this would be the third delay of Windows Vista, right? The first two were for everyone, this could be for Europe and make the third one. And this has everything to do with gaming, ever heard of DirectX 10?

Gamers could blame Microsoft for being a monopolistic, greedy corporation. If they weren't so ruthless in business practices, do you think that the EU would be delaying this? Granted, I think the EU hates pretty much any American corporation and is full of crap. But study some of MS's business practices and tell me that they're 100% honest and upstanding. This being said, I'm a Windows user and will continue to be, however, I'm not going to delude myself into thinking that MS is the patron saint of the software/technology/gaming world. Also, this being said, delays happen with everything, it's to be expected.

Jay da 2KBalla5864d ago (Edited 5864d ago )

O yea directx 10. Sorry but I dont take pc gaming seriously. I was looking at this from a business user view.

andy capps5864d ago

I'm not a hardcore PC gamer, but Vista news does interest me. Of course I still play Half Life 2 on my PC, as well as LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth. Other than that I just use it for internet and email.

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GamerX25864d ago

maybe I'm Wrong???.....I guess I could see comparing Ps3 news to vista news

Jay da 2KBalla5864d ago

At least somebody has a brain on this forum.

zypher5864d ago (Edited 5864d ago )

actually to me they're both about the same. true, Vista isn't as integral to gaming as PS3 is; but both are nevertheless products of consumer interest. both formats (Vista and PS3) were made to replace already proven and existing formats (XP and PS2). the only difference is that Microsoft has cornered its market, whereas Sony has not. people feel complacent with complaining about the PS3 simply because they have alternative avenues they could pursue (such as the 360 or the Wii...or even the PS2). but with Vista it's different. Microsoft has cornered the OS market to the point where people don't really have any other choice but to sit back and patiently wait for Vista, simply because there are no viable OS' to choose from as an alternative.

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