R18+ finally classified in Australia

Australian gamers can finally celebrate as the Australian Ratings Board has finally voted to include a new Mature rating, the R18+. While NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith abstained from the vote, Home Affairs Minister, Brendan O'Connor, promised the federal government would over-ride NSW and implement the R18+ rating regardless of its decision, though expressing a desire to get their vote as well before that happened.

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potedude2628d ago

Its about freakin' time. Quite a few games were banned coming in to Aus cos of our "mature" rating...

Derekvinyard132628d ago

does this mean games like manhunt will be unbanned?

kaozgamer2628d ago

Yes finally. Took them quite a long time. This means no more censored stuff and we should get all the games!

BiggCMan2628d ago

THIS IS FUCKING GREAT!!! Excuse the language, but i'm really happy for gamers over there now man. I'm constantly reading about banned games in Australia, and I just shake my head. Bit of a shame that this will probably be overlooked very soon by all of the recent Call of Duty articles on the front page :/ Because this a really important thing I feel.

Redgehammer2628d ago

That is great news. Adults should have the right to choose their entertainment (with obvious exceptions). However, time will tell whether or not Aussie parents are smart enough to keep games like GTA and Saints Row out of the hands of their 6 to 14 year olds.

HappyGaming2628d ago

I grew up with GTA and I am fine...
I think if a kid starts killing people after playing GTA he was going to do it anyway.

no_more_heroes2628d ago

One less thing for Yahtzee to complain about.

JonahFalcon2628d ago

The outrageous tariffs on videogames will be enough to complain about.

Ramses32628d ago

THIS. IS. probably the most important game-censorship event I have seen in a long time (or forever for that matter.

crash13372628d ago

This is old news, happened in July

Buzz7S2628d ago

I'm glad someone realised this is rather old.

Games that have been refused classification, they need to be re-submitted. There is every chance that they will be denied, so don't hold your breath.

JonahFalcon2628d ago

No. This is not the same as July.

crash13372628d ago

Your source in the article is from July. And since then the NSW Attorney-General has given his support for an R18+ which was a month ago.

RedDead20672628d ago

Will we get the uncensored version of Left4Dead2?

N311V2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

The publisher (Valve?) would need a pay a hefty resubmission fee to have it go through the classification system once R18+ has been introduced (final decision scheduled for January 2012). This is unlikely to happen, cheaper for them to submit a new version containing unseen DLC and calling it for example Left 4 Dead 2 Gold edition. I'm expection (hoping too) something like this will happen for Mortal Kombat 9.

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The story is too old to be commented.