Assassin's Creed: Revelations Beta Easy Deathmatch Gameplay

Dualshock Nexus: Easy Deathmatch is a brand new mode featured in multiplayer. In Easy Deathmatch, the map is minimized and you are only aware of your individual target. Unlike regular Deathmatch, perks and abilities are disabled, forcing you to rely soley on your true assassin skills. Accumulate the highest score and win. Check out the new mode in the video below:

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Treezy5042629d ago

Downloading right now :)

WillGuitarGuy2629d ago

Damn the counter attacks look awesome.

iamnsuperman2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Assassin's creed multiplayer is defiantly interesting because its a nice idea but when playing the beta it feels the same game just with a few new animations and a new menu. To me assassins creed will always be a single player game. The multiplayer is a nice extra but I find it gets dull quick with all the walking around. I was hoping to try new stuff with the beta but it still feels the same multiplayer I played in ACB

49erguy2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

I feel the same way. Besides the pretty visuals (really pretty) I don't see where the MP as changed really. I'm getting it for the SP anyway.

Don't know if it was in Brotherhood, but my target has this "lock" thing and stays on the top of buildings. When my target "locks" me he comes flying off the building and lands right on me-instant kill. That alone makes the MP beta garbage to me.

flavorbabies2629d ago

I just like playing it because it's so different from all the other multiplayer games. Even though it's very similar to AC Brotherhood, I still enjoy it

49erguy2629d ago

@ flavorbabies I felt like that when Brotherhood released but then everyone began running on the rooftops and disguises and stealth were thrown out the window.

Urrakia342629d ago

Ok so apparently all Uplay members were supposed to receive a beta code via e-mail? How come I haven't gotten one yet? :(

flavorbabies2629d ago

Do you have PS+. And that sucks you didn't receive a code yet

Urrakia342629d ago

Nah, if I had PS+ I'd be all over the beta. Yes it is unfortunate but hopefully I get one by tomorrow.

Treezy5042629d ago

I got it through PS+ as well.

jdktech20102629d ago

message uplay support with your psn id, uplay username and they should get you one. I emailed them and got a code within 15 minutes

Urrakia342629d ago

Thanks for the heads up. Just e-mailed them so hopefully I get a response soon.

flavorbabies2629d ago

Good luck with your code.

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