New Ninja Gaiden 3 Screenshots

Several new screenshots for Ninja Gaiden 3 have been released.

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newn4gguy2655d ago

I hope they include a story this time.

Ryo-Hazuki2655d ago

Take out QTE's. That's my biggest gripe

HellzAssassin2655d ago

How the hell did you get disagrees!? Seriously, people actually WANT QTE's in NG? That's fucking bullshit... I agree with you, take out the QTE's, put the gore back in, and keep the fast paced action. No "slow-mo" for NG allowed.

Ryo-Hazuki2655d ago

LOL I have no idea why I have disagrees. NG is supposed to be about pure fast pace gameplay. QTE's don't make sense for a game like NG

banner2655d ago

When does it come out?

Bigpappy2655d ago

Blood is waay over done.

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