Xenoblade Chronicles Review - Fragland

Fragland: Xenoblade Chronicles is loosely based on Japanese RPG Xenogears, a game that a lot longer than ten years ago on the market. It is also interesting to note that among other things, Tetsuya Takahashi helped to develop the game. He was previously responsible for top players such as Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana. It was with some expectation - and skepticism because the Wii is not very active lately with us - we started up the game.

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NukaCola2605d ago

Why the hell won't you bring this to EU and US? I mean the f*ck Nintendo? This is why you suck...This right here... you have the potential for greatness and you let idiots like Reggie and NoA ruin your name. The shame.

bangoskank2605d ago

It has been released in Europe. Just no word of a US release yet. Show NoA how much you want it and pre-order on Amazon if you haven't yet.

pcz2605d ago

There is a god after all

Titanz2604d ago

That's the first time I read you write something positive about the Wii! xD

Vinushka2605d ago

Great game. Loving it so far.

DarkZane2605d ago

Every reviews I saw so far have rated this 9/10 or above. That game is very good and deserve an US release.