Pro-G's Mass Effect Hands-on With No Spoilers

Mass Effect is due to materialize on the Xbox 360 in just over a week and to celebrate Pro-G is bringing you a series of reviewer's diary updates in the lead up to our huge review. So for those of you anxiously awaiting news of that dispatched pre-order, sit back and enjoy as Pro-G charts their progress through the game every sci-fi fan's been craving for months - there's a lot of universe to get through.

First things first, you won't find any spoilers in this reviewer's diary series. What you'll find is general impressions of what Mass Effect is like to play, or perhaps more appropriately, experience, in the early hours of the game. It will be detail light, yes, but hopefully you'll get a flavor of what Mass Effect is going to be like once you get the chance to play the game yourself:

"So far, the best thing about the game is the opportunity it's giving me. The opportunity to be a complete hard-nosed bitch to everyone I encounter. The opportunity to dive into this futuristic world and stamp my authority on it, and feel like I'm having some kind of effect. It remains to be seen how the game and its characters will be shaped by my personality, but right now just taking part is thrilling. It's very much like KotOR, from the way you interact with the world to the way you get around it, and that's no bad thing. I could nitpick about a few things, but at this early stage I'm too entranced to let them get me down."

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