Florida Police Chief Suspended for Gaming

GIR writes, "Police Chief Doug Foster has been the head of Umatilla Police Department for the past nineteen years but that could all be over."

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agentxk2695d ago

This is hilarious because it is right near where I am at

Twizlex2695d ago

Is he located directly behind your preposition?

evrfighter2695d ago

wtf and you hear about the cops that get put on paid leave for putting a bullet hole in some kids head or beating someone to death here in cali all the time.

man the times we live in are twisted

SilentNegotiator2695d ago

"Reports have come in stating that after multiple complaints ranging from having staff run personal errands and even taking away officers shotguns"

Okay, so he wasn't suspended FOR gaming, it just put him over the edge.

Jio2695d ago

Playing games at the office during a break is nothing compared to other police officers that abuse their power or commit crimes and don't get fired.

agentxk2695d ago

That is true. The way the story sounds, he was on his way out for awhile

ForROME2695d ago

I salute you coper, you are cool in my book

BeastModeYMOB2695d ago

WOW!! I live in Umatilla and I know of that pigg. I'm not surprised @ all. When I was arrested once they was in there playing halo 2 @ the time wait to book me and send me to county. I was in there talkin shit to them about how I'd spank'em. Bad enough there is only 2 cops on the street @ a time and only 6 on duty.

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The story is too old to be commented.