BioWare Offers This Sneak Peak at Liara’s Figure in Exchange for Your Feedback

BioWare tossed up three images of Mass Effect's Liara in Kotobukiya Bushoujo statue form. Unpainted, unfinished, but they want feedback.
No word when this will go on sale, only that a preorder announcement is expected "soon."

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Solidus187-SCMilk2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

haha more skanky yay.

edit- Also younger and different looking.

ohh its a statue, I thought that was for the game I was laughing. also not painted. I would like a skanky liara and miranda figure.

Twizlex2627d ago

I would only buy this if it came to life and had freaky alien sex with me.

Godmars2902627d ago

Was about to say something about her boobs being bigger, but its pretty obvious that the design's anime influenced.

awi59512627d ago

Yeah they made her boobs way bigger what the hell bioware lol.

KFox1092627d ago

It's kind of awful, ha, ha! All she needs in a sandwich in her hands and she'll be the perfect example of how NOT to make a figurine out of Liara. I also love that she has to squeeze her tits just to hold her gun. Totally makes sense...


Ser2627d ago

"All she needs in a sandwich in her hands"

I'm sorry, but I literally lol'd while reading that.

KFox1092626d ago

Glad I could be of service, ha, ha! :]

BrightFalls762627d ago

Wow, yeah. So that's not over the top or anything. Me likey long time.

Winkle922627d ago

It's over the top and not at all representative of her character in the game but... I still like it.

N311V2626d ago

I also cannot see Liara striking this pose, does not fit her character at all... but it's still hot ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.