Batman’s Garage is Empty in Arkham City

The Batmobile is perhaps one of the most easily identifiable vehicles of all time and, with its jet-turbine engine and ability to drive upside-down in tunnels, it is Batman’s preferred way of getting around. It only makes sense that it should be in the biggest Batman video game of all time… or does it?

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IronFistChinMi2603d ago

Rather than have it avaialable all the time, maybe they could have had a self contained Batmobile level. Something similar to Halo: Reach, when you piloted the Sabre. They could make something like the Batmobile/bike sequence in The Dark Knight, that was the only time it was used, if I remember correctly.

Chaostar2603d ago

They made the right decision, vehicle 'sections' can be awful, see Gears 1 spotlight car thingy or Uncharted: drakes Fortune's annoying jet ski part. If done right and they fit with the game, they can be a delightful distraction but very few developers seem to get it just right.

Yukicore2597d ago

It would be a very though work to make driving a batmobile in Arkham City enjoyable, there probably wouldn't be enough space to reach high enough speeds and making physics and damage look good without fucking up the whole game and also most importantly making it possible to draw all those detailed buildings in time? The game plays and looks perfect, this would kill it all. People would just screw with the batmobile and physics and destroy this game's quality.

It would be nice only if the playable area were HUGE.

This game will rock just the way it is!