This is Why You Should Buy Dead Island

From the feature article:

"We’re just a few days away from going on a zombie rampage on the beautiful tropical island of Banoi, just off the coast of Papua New Guinea. Dead Island ships to stores for Xbox 360 on September 6, and we’re already on our way to spilling some blood on the sand, thanks to the good people at Deep Silver. We have to wait a few days to give you a final verdict (expect our full review early next week), but for now, we can provide you with some impressions based on what we’ve played thus far. In the game, you get to choose between four characters, each with their own separate back story and weapon specialty. Sam B, for instance, is a Tank class of sorts, able to melee zombies off better than most. Xian Mei is a sharp weapons expert, meaning that once she has a katana in her hands, she can dish out some major damage. For this particular road test, we decided to try our luck with Mei. The game begins with you waking up with one hell of a hangover."

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LaurenKB1232601d ago

Day one purchase for me now...

S_C2601d ago

Its all down to the reviews for me, only a couple of days till my decision is made

opinska2601d ago

good idea to wait for the review, but u may miss a bonus DLC (arena bloodbath and a special combo weapon). There's one review from the official Play Station magazine of Italy. and it got 85%... so I think it's a good enough reason to pre-order :)

Horny2601d ago

Not everybody just looks at numbers. I read reviews to see if there is any problems and to read about the gameplay. I've playedsome great games that got a 7/10 but the written review sounded a lot better

jeseth2601d ago

I was a little dissapointed when I found out it was an FPS.

I'll wait until its $40 or less on Amazon.

SuperBeast8112601d ago

Its not really YOUR decision then is it?TOOL

S_C2600d ago


Yes it is "MY" decision, because "I" decided that i'll look at the reviews, and if "I" think that the reviews positive enought "I" will BUY the game, and if "I" decide there not, then "I" will not buy the game.

"YOU" seem butthurt that Im going to be deciding "MY" decision based on the reviews, If you have already decided then congratulations you want a medal

Shepherd 2142600d ago

Dont scold me for wanting to collect opinions from game sites before spending 60 dollars on a game i may or may not like.

Iroquois_Pliskin2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

did the article just fail to mention that DI is also coming to ps3?

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RedHotChiliPepaSpray2601d ago

It looks great but the only thing is the combat looks quite repetitive, or is that just me? Apart from that it looks like a buy.

phinch2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

you could say the combat in any games is repetive

god of war, left for dead or any FPS

Drekken2601d ago

I played this game back in 2008 when it was called L4D.

Ser2601d ago

The game looks nothing like L4D.

The combat looks nothing like L4D.

The game has a skill tree, while L4D did not.

So...what else do we have? Zombies and 4-player co-op? L4D didn't invent either of those mechanics.

Kran2601d ago



.... No.

These are two differnet zombie games. If anything, compare this game more to Dead Rising. DR and DI are closer than DI and L4D.

WetN00dle692601d ago

100% agree with DrakBlack!

Ohh and L4D didnt have Character Backgrounds like Dead Island!

SuperBeast8112601d ago

LOL i didnt realize L4D was an open world RPG? lol i must have missed that when I was replaying the same levels over and over again LOL

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Lazy_Sunday2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

1) Open world zombie-killing game
2) Open world zombie-killing game
3) Open world zombie-killing game
4) ... wait, there's more to it than just it being an open world zombie killing game? No way, that's too good to be true...

J86blum2601d ago

Already had it preorderd, cannot wait till tuesday to enjoy it. I want to play as the throwing expert, if anyone has a PS3 and is getting it message me to set up a 4 player co-op story run. :)

The_Claw2601d ago

im 20% into main plot progress. Its not as good as everyone is making it out to be. You have to enjoy games like fallout and far cry to get into this game. There no backstory for each character, no character development at all. No plot progression either, just quest to quest to quest to quest. It might be better running through the game with a buddy, but playing solo is starting to bore me.

unknownhero11232601d ago

um,not to sound like a git to you but the characters do have a backstory. The backstories are talked about when you select the character.

The_Claw2601d ago

yes, and thats all you ever hear about it. Thats what i mean by no character progression, you just pick one and are given a few details about their background.

palaeomerus2600d ago

Luckily I enjoy games like Fallout and Far Cry. Except I did not enjoy the quinine-leash crap from Farcry 2.

tee_bag2422601d ago

Already ordered! I'v seen the 15 minute gameplay review and I'm pretty confident its what I'm after.

showtimefolks2601d ago

fallout with zombies and i love fallout. I am still holding out on reviews which should start rolling out in next 12 hours or so.

this studio's last game was that crap call of jazure or what ever the heck it was called so i have every right to be skeptical

but if it turns out anything over a 7/10 i may get it asap(unlike this gen's gamers who think anything under a 9 is a bad game)

Axecution2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

My small rental place has Resistance 3 and Deal Island. I ended up renting Dead Island yesterday cause I'm buying R3 anyway and don't really wanna spoil it lol.

Anyway, I'm a few hours into Dead Island and i gotta say, it's super boring. The first hour was really slow, but i expected it to pick up in a bit.
Then the next hour was the same thing.

Im not sure how many hours in i am (probably about 5), but its still boring as hell. Stupid main missions like "Find 3 cans of food by the swimming pool and bring it back to the lighthouse" are absolutely dumb and boring. Walking all the way to the lighthouse, finding the food, and walking all the way back takes forever and simply isn't fun. Im assuming the fighting mechanics pick up later too, but at the moment I'm just mashing R1 and watching zombies get hit by a pipe. There's no strategy or difficulty.

As i said I'm not that far into the game. Maybe it becomes the most amazing game of all time in an hour. ...but i would definitely wait for reviews. :p
Just a heads up.

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fluffydelusions2601d ago

I'm waiting on reviews to come in tomorrow before I put my preorder in.

UltimaEnder2601d ago

Reviews will be good, trust me...

xPhearR3dx2601d ago

@fluffydelusions - I'm playing it right now, it's very good. Reviews will be good, trust me.

consolez_FTW2601d ago

Yeah, I gotta see if it's just another zombie game, or something really good first before I spend money on this..So far Im in the middle of wanting it day 1 or just waiting for the price to drop.

almanay2601d ago

The games is pretty fun, it feels a lot like dead rising but in first person, I'm done with about 20% of the main quests, so far so good.

LaurenKB1232601d ago

PS3, PC, or 360 - that is the question I need answered?

UltimaEnder2601d ago

360 is the best platform plus it'll have the most people online for coop!

TheClown2601d ago

From people who've played the game it's PC > PS3 > 360 in terms of frame rate (while 360 had shown a bit of screen tearing). If anything the 360 would be the worst platform to play the game on. I'm can't get the PC version so I'm getting the PS3 version as it's the next best thing (plus you get an exclusive weapon through PSHome). Couldn't care less how many people are playing the game on any platform as I'll be playing with 3 other friends anyways.

Jack_DangerousIy2601d ago

Well, it doesn't matter for me because I have real life friends that I play with. So I don't need the "best platform".

Stupid troll.

MysticStrummer2601d ago

PS3 is the best platform and that's where I'll be playing co-op with all my friends, including more than a few people who bought 360s but traded up to PS3s. Interestingly, none of them thought XBL was worth paying for.

Brownghost2601d ago

@theclown yah right you cant tell the difference i bet you never seen the full versions. Im still gonna get the pc version

WetN00dle692601d ago


LOL, no not really dude. Ive seen gameplay over at youtube. MrKQgaming2(PS3 gameplay) and TheMediaCows(Xbox360) watch their uploads and you will see that its the Ps3 version that has WAY more screen tearing than the 360 version.

calibann2601d ago

@TheClown You lol'd? Why? I don't know who these ''people'' are that said it's PC>PS3>360 but from this review from IGN, people who have ACTUALLY played the game on both consoles, 360 runs the game a lot better than PS3.

Troll slain.

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cliffbo2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Ps3 is the best platform plus it'll have the most people online for coop! lol :)

Psychotica2601d ago

PC version is the best one on just about every game and this is no exception. Since they will all play the same you should get the one that will look the best.

vickers5002601d ago

Playing with friends > Better graphics

FAGOL2601d ago

Buy it for the platform most of your friends play on. Simple.

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Ramses32601d ago

As long as it's a fun experience for multiplayer AND single player (I enjoy the freedom of playing on your own) I will buy it.

Vinushka2601d ago

I don't like how the four playable characters are weapon experts. Why couldn't have been a game were you play as an ordinary guy/woman and try and survive. I'm growing tired of these zombie games that are all alike. I'd like the player to actually feel the gravity of the tragedy that is happening. If someone happens to be bitten, I want it to be an emotional and horrifying event. Would you leave this individual to die alone or end their life before they become a zombie? These are the things I'd like. This is what I wanted from this game.

I've played Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising. I see no point in playing this.

kza2601d ago

Thats what im thinking it looks like the same old zombie game, it might be good but im passing on this 1.

StarWolf2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

yea i wish there was a zombie game where you get bitten once, your fricken dead. You try saving people around the open world but they can easily die. You have to look for weapons like an Axe or maybe a cop car with a pistol but with 4 bullets and they only die via headshots. Etc.. That would make zombies actually SCARY. But noo we have machine guns and health bars

Elite-uk2601d ago

Not played Resident evil file #2 then?1. you just pretty much descriped it. u could actualy get bitten, turn into a zombie and kill ya co-op buddies :)

ljh2172601d ago

There are good games to be found in the traditional zombie hack/slash/shoot, and dead island has both free roam and RPG elements in the game which is mostly new for zombie games and will be awesome.

I do however understand where you are coming from though, a true survival horror game would be awesome and there hasn't really been one released this generation. One where ammo is so limited that having a gun feels like a blessing, where you have to find shelter during the night, where being bitten/scratched causes infection (even for the main character), where food and water has to be gathered regularly. The gameplay should mostly consist of running and hiding, because in a true zombie apocalypse there would be nothing else you can do. Most of the game you would have to use your wits to survive, rather than weapons.

dead_eye2601d ago

In a true zombie apocalypse especially on a hot island the zombies wouldn't last long. They would rot very quickly. Even if it was some kind of mutated rabies it would only last a month or so and would be easy to defend against. the best part about been on an island would be the limited number of people that could be infected.

ljh2172599d ago

@Dead_eye: I like the 'In a true zombie apocalypse..' as if it's a conceivable real life phenomenon.

Bladesfist2601d ago

Their is one but its pc exclusive. Project zomboid. Also their will be a game of the walking dead and if it stays true to the comics / series then it will be very emotionally involved.

Bull5hifT2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Go Play Manhunt, and Convince Your Self Their insane, Zombies... S**T is scary Good, could zombies sniff you out better, Run, See in the Dark better than You... I thought a good fallout game or zombie Apocalypse game would be like fun , something like Indigo Prophecy, get to see the infection spreading on the news Pawn everything you own, buy Weapons, Food, Ammo and pick out a place to defend your self see help less strangers decide to help em out, or Use them As Bait to get attention while you get More Supplys, Try To Build A Radio , find Help, Survive the Night, new Mutations of Zombies that Can Climb or Think Like you, ..... Pretty much who can hold the record the longest for survival, or pack up Lots of cup a noodles and water and survive in a fallout shelter , then your water purifier stops working and rats and roaches have infested your food, Poisonous Gas Is infecting the Animals and you Have to escape out into a Burned and torn world, starting off around a farm trying to find yourself and what has happened since, there could be a Boat somewhere with Survivors, that you might see signs to get to for help , timed decisions where you lit a fire to warm and rest but it attracted zombies , pretty much like everything your doing there moving along jus as fast if you get stuff and kill off some infected you might slow down the spreading and have more humans to help you fight or to throw at the zombies as you make your way to the ocean, car runs out of gas , but you have to turn the back up systems on at the gas station , and kill off the zombies and get gas to run back to your Car, The near by abondoned building you stay by, looks safe but there are also other survivors tracking you to take your guns and transportation when your asleep and

killcycle2601d ago

You know what?

Judging by all the trailers that's exactly what i thought it was going to be like. Normal people that didn't know how to fight being forced to deal with all these zombies.

It puts you in the characters shoe's more imo.

That's a shame

asyouburn2601d ago

Yeah, but in all honesty, what would an "average joe's" skill tree look like? Having weapon experts is a good way to differentiate between the different characters you can pick from

mr.selfdestruct2601d ago

Actually, the 4 characters are normal people at 1st. They're weak and mostly ineffective. As this is an rpg, as you go thru the game you learn skills and become a super zombie killing beast by leveling up and a skill tree system. As for your emo experience the game is full of suvivors you can choose to help or not.

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