SBG Review | Disgaea 4: Promises, details, and the perils of depth

SBG: "Disgaea, we love you, but you’re bringing us down. It’s not that you’re bad. (Far from it, actually.) We see these enhancements you’re making, and they’re not detrimental to your core product. That’s good. We’re with you there. We’re just not sure where exactly you’re taking the series."

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Kee2601d ago

I'm only hearing great things about this game. That's another good score...

Stealth2k2601d ago

disgaeas (and nis japan games in general) have always had top scores. This isnt new.

francknara62601d ago

Hmm, Disgaea 3 has 78% on metacritic, Disgaea 4 has 15 reviews yet and the average is 91% so far.

This is the best rated T-RPG of the generation for the moment.

Kee2601d ago

Well, there is one thing that might be bothering me. I don't know if I should be starting such a deep, time-consuming game with this holiday season line-up coming up so fast. It's a little bit daunting

Stealth2k2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )


And what does metacritic mean? Gamerankings has it at over 81, with more reviews taken into account (over 40) . And many of those reviews were bias pieces of crap. Like IGN's

Disgaea 3 was tops as well.

Da One2601d ago

Truth IGN and Eurogamer destroyed Disgaea 3 because of the graphics

tiffac0082601d ago

Eurogame actually gave Disgaea 3 a good review

But as you said IGN hated it ^^

Da One2601d ago

Then what European publisher gave it a 6.

Must have been edge. I'm sorry for the mistake

Redempteur2601d ago

good score but VERY bad review ...
It s like they have nothing to complain about yet dont want to give it a better score

francknara62601d ago

I'm not arguing that metacritic is the true (i don't think so) but so far Disgaea 4 has better scores (ho read for exemple Gamesradar or ZTGC reviews, they gave a better score thant D3).
But obviously all can change.

Orange Juice2601d ago

I'm looking forward to buying this tuesday morning. As for the d3 reviews, it was an awesome game but got flack for looking like a ps2 game. D4's sprites are all hd which ill bet is why its averaging so much higher.