Video game concert by The London Philharmonic Orchestra

Button Combo writes: "Have you ever stopped while playing a game to just admire the music? If you do, you better check out The London Philharmonic Orchestra as they put on a concert based on video game soundtracks from all types of games from all different time periods.

The London Philharmonic Orchestra is having a concert which revolves strictly around games. With tracks from over 20 different games ranging from Angry Birds to Halo, any music buff or video game fan should be sure to check this out."

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ashbc2628d ago

Good audio in a game is vital for me to enjoy it. Perhaps even as much as graphics.

vglulz2628d ago

I'm the same. I wish I had sorted out tickets for the Zelda orchestra concerts, it would have been awesome to go.

battyschlaps1222628d ago

I bet the majority of N4G users will ignore this because it doesn't have "Battlefield" or "MW3" in the title.

thephillup2628d ago

However the orchestra will be playing songs from both games.