PlayStation Vita Hands-On From IFA

The PlayStation Vita is one of the most highly-anticipated gaming releases coming this year. The next generation PlayStation portable comes packing more RAM than a PS3, making it not only a powerful portable gaming system, but also a powerful portable media center to use to watch movies, surf the web, and more.

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MasterCornholio2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Yep it certainly spanks the 3DS when it comes to specs. But the most important aspect of any gaming device are the games. And in my opinion the Vita will have an insane game library with great first party, 3rd party and indie support. Not to mention cheap 1 to 2 euro games on the go due to playstation suite.

Edit: Whoah it does seem really big. But since i carry a bag around all the time it will not be a problem for me.

Ultr2601d ago

yeah the games- line up really kills everything!

and yeah it is big, but Ive seen screenshots comparing the vita to the psp and its actually pretty much the same sice like the psp 1000 but slimmer and aaaaa little bit bigger cuz of the screen, but not very much.
its just beautiful :)