Predicting Sony’s Mystery PS3 TGS Titles

Sony has three unannounced PS3 games in store for the Tokyo Game Show. Could Final Fantasy Versus XIII be one of them?

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fluffydelusions2692d ago

"Could Final Fantasy Versus XIII be one of them"

Nope, it was already confirmed not to be shown sadly.

gaffyh2692d ago

Yeah, keyword "unannounced". Versus has already been announced, 5 years ago.

tiffac0082692d ago

"Nope, it was already confirmed not to be shown sadly"

How I wish that wasn't the case. T_T

WhiteLightning2692d ago

I want to get excited but I always feel let down, anytime a company has un expected titles to be shown whether it's E3, Gamescon or TGS we get dissapointed most of the time.

I hope it's not another Move title though, maybe a JRPG ?

Da Ill One2692d ago

GTA V (PS 3 exclusive), Mirror's Edge 2 (PS 3 exclusive), and Last guardian

rdgneoz32692d ago

Unannounced games, so the first two would work. Though I highly doubt Mirror's Edge would become a PS3 exclusive, and with the amount of money GTA IV made from going multiplat, I don't think Rockstar would make it exclusive.

MrSpace2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I know it's highly unlikely and it would probably never ever happen but imagine if it was Resident Evil 6 as an exclusive <Jaw Drops>, fully compatible with PS Move...THEN it could be ported over to the 360. I would love to see a RE game take full advantage of the PS3. I wouldn't even mind an open world game...but let's face it GTA would never be an exclusive so I guess it's up to Sony to make one themselfs.

blackburn102692d ago

Medevil 3? Jak 4? Power Stone exclusive remake? Rival Schools 3? KH 3? Ape Escape VITA? Jak and Daxter Collection HD? Okami VITA? Viewtiful Joe 3? God Hand sequel? Dark Cloud sequel? Lair 2? Heavenly Sword 2? Sorry, just taking unlikely but hopeful stabs in the dark here.

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