Pocket-Lint: Resistance 3 quick play preview

Pocket-Lint: Resistance is the perennial nearly man of the blockbuster sci-fi FPS crowd. The original suffered for being a disappointing PS3 launch title, and for looking and feeling rushed. The sequel was a vast improvement, but had its thunder stolen by the more graphically-accomplished Killzone 2 just a few months later. Now, Resistance 3 hits with a new hero, a new visual style and a gritty vision of a wrecked, Chimera-occupied America. Could this be the game to take the series to the heights of Halo: Reach or Killzone 3?

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Chaostar2629d ago

The original Resistance was an excellent launch title and was in no way "rushed". The Resistance series carries with it an unjustified stigma simply for being part of the PS3s slow launch. It sad that people write off these great games, sometimes without ever giving it any real chance to prove the bad press wrong.

MAULxx2629d ago

I really liked the original but I cannot play the second one.

GTRrocker2629d ago

I liked part two. I had several hours of fun invested in that game. R3 will be the best of the series though

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2628d ago

The original was amazing! It didnt feel like any other sci fi/fps game i ever played. R2 took a little off of cod (2 weapons only, regen health, maybe a bit too military combat feel as well) but it was still a great game with a revolutionary multiplayer and amzingly fun coop.

SoapShoes2628d ago

I liked the original and second equally. RFOM had things that were great but could use some improvement. R2 improved on the weaknesses of FOM but lost some things in the process. R3 seems like it will take the best of both and combine them.

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