IGN UK gives 6.5/10 to Assassin's Creed

Ultimately, where Assassin's Creed succeeds is in its most basic form - a vast, believable world to explore freely, a place teeming with life and intoxicating beauty. As an experience, it's undoubtedly a bold, brave and distinctly unique creation - exactly what this generation of consoles has promised from the beginning. In that sense, it's an incredible achievement and one that deserves recognition - IGN would even go as far as to suggest Assassin's Creed is an experience everyone should investigate purely to see what's in store for the future of the industry, if only from a presentation and tech perspective.

As a game though, Assassin's Creed fails in just about every respect. That sense of freedom offered aside, its design is hopelessly outdated at best and laborious to the point of perpetual boredom at worst. Once the initial lustre of Assassin's Creed's world wears off after a few hours, what's left is a flimsy, soulless gameplay experience, struggling under the weight of a painfully ponderous, woefully hackneyed narrative which only serves to drag things down further. That said, the IGN's score reflects Assassin's Creed's unquestionable achievements as much as it does its failing.

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techie4923d ago

Woah IGN are all over the place. I think I'll stick to the IGNAU score lol

MK_Red4923d ago

I'm with you deep. IGN AU's review was much better and didn't hate the game.

Futuramaniac4923d ago

the 360 version got 6.5, but the PS3 version got 7.5

resistance1004923d ago

Ouch. Gald i canceled my Pre-order. At least Uncharted is getting decent scores.

picker3324923d ago

Don't get your hopes up!
we all know how ign can be.
Eather way getting this & Uncharted!

the worst4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

disappointing game
controls GREAT

Tsalagi4923d ago

Weak story?
Horrible controls?
Bad graphics/frame rate?

Seriously, AC was on my list of games to buy but i'm not quite sure after all these different reviews. Since you have played it how about verifying if any of these problems the reviewers mentioned are true are not?

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The story is too old to be commented.