We’re Betting that Slavery: The Game is an Elaborate Troll

My guess is that, 10 seconds after Microsoft and Sony are made aware that their corporate symbols are endorsing a fake slavery RTS, seen at the end of this fake trailer, this offensive piece of attention-whoring is going to be abolished from YouTube.

by Owen Good, Kotaku

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Phi395822626d ago we can say that they have exhausted every potential idea for a game. I would have said that yesterday too, but after watching that I really mean it.

SonysOldNews2626d ago

i hope back lashing is assigned to a button with a nice click to it.

AntoineDcoolette2626d ago

Eh, I'd rather play Plantation Tycoon: 1834

aliengmr2624d ago

If I were MS or Sony I'd hire the guy for marketing.

Seriously, porno's have less absurd names than this. Yet they managed to convince at least a few people the game was real enough to look in to.

I personally think this trailer is a brilliant piece of work. And lets be honest, of all the attention-whoring on Youtube this is where you draw the line? People overreact so easily things like this they all logic out the window. Which I suspect is the reason for its existence in the first place. Better than some idiot diving off his roof into a kiddie pool.