The Baconing Review ( The Baconing is the latest in the DeathSpank series to come out of HotHead Games, and though the name has changed, that’s about it. If you have played either DeathSpank or Thongs of Virtue before, you will find yourself right at home here, seeing as absolutely nothing has changed.

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NukaCola2604d ago

This game is getting tons of hate, but I am getting it anyway. I love DeathSpank.

WolfLeBlack2604d ago

Not so much hate, I think, more dissapointement that's it's pretty much an exact replica of the first two games.

Even though I love Deathspank, even I have to admit I'm dissapointed in The Baconing. I'm still enjoying it, but that doesn't mean I can't be dissapointed as well

banjadude2604d ago

Great game, but I don't know.. it was missing the charm that Thongs of Virtue had. There wasn't many memorable new characters either.

Other than that, I love how it is much easier to get all the armor pieces for each armor set. Some good references to pop culture too.