Confirmed : Zenimax working on an unannounced MMO

Zenimax the company behind The Elder Scrolls series and Fallout 3/New Vegas has been rumored to be working on an MMO for quite sometime. No-one has quite been able to ascertain proof of its existence.Well there is finally confirmation that this game exists

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Nike2600d ago

Hmmm...Well WOW is yet to lose some steam...

281219862600d ago

Well I would think that the elder scroll series is WOW sans the WOW tag

Niles2600d ago

whats that supposed to mean???

Errod882600d ago

Fallout MMO or Oblivion MMO.

MonopolyRSV2600d ago

If its a Fallout MMO they will be competing with Borderlands 2.

JsonHenry2600d ago

^^ Borderlands 2 is an MMO?

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